The Bizarre World of Providence Leader Jeong Myeong-seok

Thanks to the ABC and the crew of the 7:30 show for their interest in JMS and for allowing me to share some of my experiences.  Here’s an online article ahead of tonight’s (Dec. 11) TV segment.

Sex, Cults & The Bizarre World of Providence Leader Jeong Myeong-seok

The segment that aired is now available here.

And here is Gerry talking about the experience of watching SBS’s 2014 report and realizing his daughter was a member of the JMS cult. That that could happen certainly never entered my mind while assisting SBS with that report.  I feel for her as the Daily Telegraph just published focusing on her. I saw her promo video a few months ago, and I was surprised to see her and other members in those videos as they’ve been so secretive in the past.  Still, it’s interesting to observe JMS freaking out over the exploration of material they release publicly.

JMS members were told not to watch the report, and well, I’m a little reluctant to watch it myself. Maybe in a day or two. Instead of watching, I’ll share a few photographic mementos from the morning we filmed back in August. I probably over-prepared – even read a JMS book I’ve had for years but had only skimmed up until then, and I can’t say I was nervous, but the interview occupied a lot of my thinking time the days and weeks beforehand.  Seeing the TARDIS was certainly an unexpected and happy surprise^.