November 2017 Fitness Diary

Wednesday, November 1: This month’s exercise diary began with no exercise at all.

Thursday, November 2: I took advantage of a class-free day to walk 23.5 kilometers and listen to a lot of music.

Friday, November 3: More walking – approx 13 kilometers. I wish I had gone to the gym though.

Saturday, November 4: Back in the gym, but my workout was shortened by a 30-minute bus wait and was consequently rushed: sides, abs, lower back, lats, back, biceps, forearms, and calves.

Sunday, November 5: I walked another 10 kilometers

Monday, November 6: Ditto, but I should have gone to the gym.

Tuesday, November 7: I caught the bus to work and walked home. A total of 6 kilometers, but that really shouldn’t count as exercise. Once again, I lacked the energy to go to the gym.

Wednesday, November 8: Walked home again.

Thursday, November 9: Walked home again.

Friday, November 10: Just some walking.

Saturday, November 11: After walking 8.5 kilometers throughout the day, I finally made it to the gym: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, core, calves, and a 13-minute cardio session.

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