Chuseok at Ubang Towerland!

The Chuseok holiday in 2008 was a very memorable and happy day as myself and several GMBA classmates headed to Ubang Towerland for several hours of pure fun. Thank you Seon for organising the day and inviting me. It was one of my most enjoyable days in Korea.

I made the following montage of the day using the great photos Sean took.  The first piece of music, a bright energetic piece for 9 celli, is by Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi from his score to the 1989 animation Kiki’s Delivery Service. The second piece, also by Joe Hisaishi, is entitled “Spring” from his Piano Stories 4 CD.

Suji & Doori’s Animation Starring Peter!

In the summer of 2008, two of my former students, Suji and Doori, invited me to star in this animation movie for their senior year portfolio. I felt quite touched that they wanted me for their film, so I eagerly said yes. My part took about an hour to film, but Suji and Doori worked on the animation day after day for over 6 months.

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End of the World Predicted at Meditation Lecture

End of the World Predicted at Meditation Lecture

On April 19, 2007, a lecture organized by the meditation group Brahma Kumaris (BK) was held on the second floor of Bauer Hall. The lecture, entitled “From the Inside Out – A Silent Revolution,” was conducted by Australian BK member Lee James and translated into Korean by fellow BK member Professor Ryu Jeong-hee from the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation, who also organized and promoted the event. Continue reading “End of the World Predicted at Meditation Lecture”

A Montage of Student Presentations

I made this video in 2007 to inform my students of the Kemmys Presentation Competition.

My hope was that it would inspire them (or at least give them some ideas) for their own presentations and perhaps help them win the Kemmys and a trip to Australia. Continue reading “A Montage of Student Presentations”

Interviewed by the UC San Diego Guardian for JMS Article

On October 22, 2006, the JMS cult held an event on the University of California’s San Diego campus. I tipped off reporters from The Guardian, and they went along to report on the event. The resulting article is the first, and, as of the time of writing, the only American article to examine the JMS cult’s activities on American soil.

Update: Article also archived here in The Internet Archive. Continue reading “Interviewed by the UC San Diego Guardian for JMS Article”

How To Spot A Woolly Wolf

A big thank you to the Keimyung Gazette for publishing in 2006 my article about the JMS cult entitled “How to Spot a Woolly Wolf”.  It is also hosted on Rick Ross’s excellent cult awareness site, and it is referenced on Providence Church’s (the JMS Cult) Wikipedia page. Last but not least, a Korean translation is available here. And I might as well copy it below as well with a few tweeks:

How To Spot A Woolly Wolf

My first year in Korea was spent in the rural town of Geumsan in Chungcheongnam Province. The town is famous for ginseng, but what I remember most about Geumsan is that it is home to a very dangerous cult. Continue reading “How To Spot A Woolly Wolf”