Cardio Fitness Video Diary: Sept 1 – Dec 31, 2009

To keep me motivated (it worked), I began taking photos of myself in the gym’s toilet and of the exercise machine display after each cardio workout. Here are the first four months worth of bathroom photos:

December 2009 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, December 1: Ninety minutes in the gym to start December’s fitness campaign: chest and triceps followed by five km on the treadmill. My ankle, which I injured in August, is now strong enough to jog on, and I tested it out today by jogging one of those five kilometers. Continue reading “December 2009 Fitness Diary!”

30-Minute Chinese Documentary on the JMS Cult

In September 2009, the Chinese government produced a 33-minute documentary about notorious serial rapist Jeong Myeong-seok and the cult he leads, commonly known as JMS.  The documentary is important because it shows for the first time footage of Jeong in police custody in China and footage offering a disturbing glimpse into Jeong’s lifestyle while a fugitive in China. In the video above, I edited together selected highlights set to a song I have long wanted to use in a JMS video.

The documentary is available on China’s equivalent of YouTube, but could not be viewed easily outside of China. (Thanks to dedicated JMS researcher “JC” for the link) Last week, I put the whole documentary on YouTube in 4 parts and was pleasantly surprised to discover that parts 1 and 2 each received over 1,400 views their first week online.

The whole documentary, complete with an English translation, can be viewed on my JMS cult forums here.

JLPT Countdown!

The annual Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is just a month away, and it’s time to get serious about studying for it. I’ve been pretty busy of late, so I haven’t studied as much as I’d hoped to these past few weeks. Feelings of dread.

To be honest, I’m not feeling very confident, but one month is a nice big round number, and it should be enough time to learn all that I need. I’m reassured by the fact the pass mark is 60%, but pass or fail, it doesn’t concern me too much. The point is to study and improve my Japanese. A pass would be nice though:Japanese

Update: December 5. Well the test is less than 12 hours away and oops, I have been much busier with work and my MBA than I expected. As a result, I’m not as prepared for the test as I would have liked. I’m still looking forward to the test though as I’m looking at it as a chance to gain some JLPT test taking experience. Just registering for the test has resulted in me doing more study than I would otherwise have done, and that’s a positive. If I don’t pass this time, that’s OK. I’ll definitely pass it next time.  It’s now 10:39 p.m., time for some final Kanji and grammar review, and then it’s off to bed. Wish me luck!

Update 2: I failed.

November 2009 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, November 1: To the gym bright and early for a 2.5 hour session. Legs and chest followed by 8 km on the treadmill. Next I continued with shoulders, triceps, and forearms. That was the first time I separated my chest and shoulder workouts and I was able to increase the weights for my shoulder exercises significantly as a result. Continue reading “November 2009 Fitness Diary!”

Maria Interviews Peter…

On Thursday November 26, Maria Osipova and I gave a presentation entitled “Promoting Yourself on the Internet” for our Global M.B.A. Business Communication class. Personally, it was by far the most interesting subject I have explored in a presentation. In fact, the idea for this website came after Maria and I first started preparing our presentation. Thanks for agreeing to all my crazy ideas Maria! It was great working with you:

October 2009 Fitness Diary!

September 2009 was perhaps my most active month ever with 17 cardio sessions and an uncountable amount of weights sessions.  215 km on my exercise bike and 33 km on the treadmill up an incline with a sore ankle!  The only months that would perhaps compare would be during my old rugby days at Royals Rugby Football Club when some mad ex-army crazy nutjob torturer trained us. Continue reading “October 2009 Fitness Diary!”

The Opening of the Keimyung Arts Center!

The opening of the Keimyung Arts Center was an event I had been looking forward to with much anticipation for almost a year. I just love the sound of an orchestra, and I just had to bring along my camera to document the night for the history books. What an enjoyable and memorable night it was, and since then I have returned many times to hear great music performed by great musicians, some of whom I have been lucky enough to meet and in some cases teach. Good memories.