Bach’s BMV 999 “Little Prelude”

Back in high school, my guitar teacher gave me an arrangement of Bach’s ‘Little Prelude’, and I remember enjoying the challenge of learning it. Recently, while deciding which solo pieces to work on, this piece came to mind. It took a few months, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process of memorizing it again. Now that it’s recorded, I’ll try to not forget it again and to make it a staple of my regular practice routine. It had also been a while since I used my green screen  – I need a bigger one – and played around with Sony Vegas editing software.

Peter’s Band: The Third Concert!

Our third gig was sadly Darrell’s farewell party. However, there is a chance he’ll perform with us again before he leaves, and I’m pretty sure that gig – if it goes ahead – will be recorded and YouTubed for our fan. To honor Darrell, we hastily put together some new songs. We performed three songs for our first gig, and now we’re up to 13! But perhaps we put the new songs together a little too hastily given the mistakes committed by my band mates. Finally, I need a bigger amp.

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Peter’s Band: The Second Concert!

A few beers and a few songs to mark the end of the semester. First up, after some beer, was “Redemption Song”. The features an introductory riff over a G chord. Surprisingly, that riff is not heard after the intro. The chords for the verse are G, Em, C, G/B (a G chord with a B bass), and Am. Just before the chorus, the C chord moves to a D7. The chorus consists G, C, and D (repeated) Em (the relative minor of G), C, and D, and then a return to G, C, and D. The little instrumental section after the second verse is just Em, C, and D repeated 4 times. The song ends with the chorus, and we finish on the tonic G, which surprisingly the original recording doesn’t. Bob must have been on something when he made that choice:

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Peter’s Band: The First Concert!

I have a band! We play gigs and everything!

English Music Club Official Promotional Video!

A last-minute desperate attempt to entice students to join my music club worked last year for the spring 2015 semester:

One year later (March 2016) I hope it works again. Running this club has I think been the highlight of my time at SMU to date. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share my love of music with students. Last semester we performed “I’m Yours” by Jason Mranz. Great song, but our version was terrible. We had a lot of fun, but the result isn’t something I can share 😉

Time After Time & Waltzing Matilda (Two Duets for Guitar & Keytar)

There are some great instrumental versions of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” out there in YouTube land, but this is not one of them. A short version of “Waltzing Matilda”, Australia’s unofficial national anthem, follows as I was just about to head home for a wee vacation. I didn’t practise the Keytar part at all, and it shows. In fact, I only discovered the “cool” scat sound seconds before I pressed “record”:

The Blue & The Grey (A Duet for Two Peters)

This mournful piece from John Williams’ score for Lincoln (2012) sounds better sans guitar. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the recording as the guitar should sound much, much, much, and much nicer. One day, I’ll revisit this piece and improve the performance, sound, and colour (more blues and greys). Until then, you will have to make do with this:

Toreador Song from Carmen (A Terrific Trio for Three Peters)

This took me months to learn on piano, and as usual I messed it up a little with the camera on. Still, it was a fun piece to play, and I enjoyed every moment I spent practicing it. Thanks Bizet!