My Site referenced in New Book About Cults

I just happily discovered that the JMS cult, along with material I collected and shared as well as an article I instigated, were referenced in the book Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in Cults and Totalitarian Systems by Dr. Alexandra Stein.

IPSO Rejects Complaint from Group Accused of Being a Korean Sex Cult

I received a nice surprise in my email box last night in the form of this link to an article about the rejection by the UK’s Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) of a complaint filed by the JMS cult about a recent article concerning them. The nice surprise was the inclusion of my name in the piece. The “alternative facts” put forward by the cult weren’t a surprise at all.


Video Interview for Hong Kong’s Passion Times

The full show was around 30 minutes long, but I’m having trouble accessing that present. For now, here’s a 2-minute teaser:

My Cartoon Debut!

Well, this sure came as a surprise! I received an email from my good friend Professor Tark Ji-il on Saturday night which contained a most unexpected gift: a cartoon about my recent expeirences with Korea’s JMS cult and its Hitler-praising serial-raping leader. It appears in the November issue of his magazine which is devoted to the study of Bible-based cults. The whole thing is available here, and here’s a wee taste:


My Korea Times Debut!

I made my Korea Times debut a few days ago thanks to reporter Jon Dunbar who was kind enough to attend a presentation I gave last Saturday on my favorite subject. He then sent me some questions regarding how cults here typically recruit. He then sent some follow-up questions based on my initial responses, and then he wrote his piece around selected quotes. Continue reading “My Korea Times Debut!”

Pirate Radio 90-Minute Podcast!

The good crew of Pirate Radio Podcast invited me on-board for a 90-minute chat about the usual suspects: North Korea; the JMS cult; Ahae, the alter-ego of the dead cult leader and owner of the Sewol ferry; British police officers endorsing Korean cults; and the recent rise of Shinchonji:

Daily Mail Article About JMS Activity in Australia

Inside the Sinister Hitler-Loving Sex Cult Luring Young Australian Girls Into Being Spiritual Brides For a Serial Rapist

A big thank you to journalist Nelson Groom for tackling a cult and a topic several Korean media groups are shamefully scared of. Thanks to those that spoke out, I know that isn’t an easy thing to do.

There are a couple of related tidbits here on my cult forums. In a nutshell: 1) I was ever-so-slightly misquoted and 2) I don’t think the Melbourne Uni spokesperson interviewed for the piece was entirely honest. He/she was either uninformed (then what good are they?), misinformed, or not being entirely honest.

A University of Melbourne spokesperson said they were not aware of the group

I actually have emails from an admin who sounds rather senior from their job title dating back to 2014. No complaints about the content at all, but I just surprised to see the above denial. One person a little closer to the action in Australia informed me they believe the spokespeople for the other universities mentioned in the article likewise offered statements inconsistent with reality.

Wikipedia Page of Rapist-Led JMS Cult Whitewashed from Inside the ATO


Another thank you to John Power for helping to share an interesting and bizarre aspect of the whole JMS cult saga that I have to admit is rather personal. It was obvious when she first appeared on Wikipedia – despite her denials – that she was a member of the cult on a mission. It was also obvious that she was joined by a few colleagues who of course also claimed to not be members. Their comedic antics to whitewash the page of the notorious sex offender they think is Jesus/The Holy Son were worthy of a Monty Python sketch. Continue reading “Wikipedia Page of Rapist-Led JMS Cult Whitewashed from Inside the ATO”