My Korea Times Debut!

I made my Korea Times debut a few days ago thanks to reporter Jon Dunbar who was kind enough to attend a presentation I gave last Saturday on my favorite subject. He then sent me some questions regarding how cults here typically recruit. He then sent some follow-up questions based on my initial responses, and then he wrote his piece around selected quotes. Continue reading “My Korea Times Debut!”

Segye Newspaper Photo Spread!

My time as a Nakwon Supporter has certainly been a highlight of my time in Korea to date. It was a wonderful chance to not only share my love of music and memories of the huge Nakwon Music Arcade, but also to meet and play alongside other musicians. Plus, making it into a newspaper for something other than my interest in the criminal JMS cult with its Hitler-praising serial rapist makes for a nice change, albeit a temporary one. 😉

Thanks to the Segye Newspaper for this photo spread.  And rumor has it we’ll be on TV next Sunday night.

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Son Crusades to Meet Father Abducted by North Korea

I am honored to be part of the team of volunteers working to help raise awareness of Mr Hwang’s crusade to meet his abducted father. More about that here.


When Hwang In-cheol was 2 years old, his father disappeared. … It wasn’t until Hwang was in the third grade that his father’s brother decided he should know the truth.

Hwang Won was a 32-year-old producer for Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) based in Gangwon. On Dec. 11, 1969, he boarded a Korean Air flight from Gangneung, Gangwon, for Gimpo International Airport in Seoul to attend an MBC internal meeting. A senior colleague who was supposed to attend was busy. He ordered Hwang to fill in for him.

Ten minutes after takeoff, a North Korean spy hijacked the YS-11 aircraft and the 50 other people on it, all South Koreans, to Wonsan, some 207 kilometers (128.6 miles) east of Pyongyang, the North’s capital. Continue reading at The Korea JoongAng Daily.

Pirate Radio 90-Minute Podcast!

The good crew of Pirate Radio Podcast invited me on-board for a 90-minute chat about the usual suspects: North Korea; the JMS cult; Ahae, the alter-ego of the dead cult leader and owner of the Sewol ferry; British police officers endorsing Korean cults; and the recent rise of Shinchonji:

Daily Mail Article About JMS Activity in Australia

Inside the Sinister Hitler-Loving Sex Cult Luring Young Australian Girls Into Being Spiritual Brides For a Serial Rapist

A big thank you to journalist Nelson Groom for tackling a cult and a topic several Korean media groups are shamefully scared of. Thanks to those that spoke out, I know that isn’t an easy thing to do.

There are a couple of related tidbits here on my cult forums. In a nutshell: 1) I was ever-so-slightly misquoted and 2) I don’t think the Melbourne Uni spokesperson interviewed for the piece was entirely honest. He/she was either uninformed (then what good are they?), misinformed, or not being entirely honest.

A University of Melbourne spokesperson said they were not aware of the group

I actually have emails from an admin who sounds rather senior from their job title dating back to 2014. No complaints about the content at all, but I just surprised to see the above denial. One person a little closer to the action in Australia informed me they believe the spokespeople for the other universities mentioned in the article likewise offered statements inconsistent with reality.

Wikipedia Page of Rapist-Led JMS Cult Whitewashed from Inside the ATO


Another thank you to John Power for helping to share an interesting and bizarre aspect of the whole JMS cult saga that I have to admit is rather personal. It was obvious when she first appeared on Wikipedia – despite her denials – that she was a member of the cult on a mission. It was also obvious that she was joined by a few colleagues who of course also claimed to not be members. Their comedic antics to whitewash the page of the notorious sex offender they think is Jesus/The Holy Son were worthy of a Monty Python sketch. Continue reading “Wikipedia Page of Rapist-Led JMS Cult Whitewashed from Inside the ATO”

韩国淫乱邪教渗透墨尔本 专捡大学美女下手

I have a lot of Chinese friends, so this Chinese translation of my recent interview and other recent news reports about the JMS cult means a lot to me. Thank you. Word is spreading, and awareness is JMS’s kryptonite.

chinese tra

Vice Interview: How a Korean Cult Tried & Failed to Sue This Australian Uni Lecturer

A big thank you to journalist John Power for interviewing me a couple of weeks ago about my recent legal dealings with Korea’s notorious JMS cult.

How a South Korean Cult Tried & Failed to Sue This Australian Uni Lecturer