The Not-So-Sacred Radio Show Interview – Nov. 30, 2015

 2015 was a year in which I made quite a lot of connections with some really wonderful people who share my interest in cults and predators. Janaki is one such kindred soul. We’ve done a few podcasts together now, but this is the first time just the two of us talked for 2 hours. We actually recorded an interview months earlier, but the quality of the resulting audio file was too low for some reason.

We rescheduled take 2 for Monday, November 30. Unfortunately, her Netherland-based show airs live from 3 or 4 am Korean time depending upon the time of the year. Both those times are very, very bad, so if I sound half asleep, that is exactly how I felt. The experience did, however, give me an inkling as to what it’s like to be a sleep-deprived cult member. If any JMS members are reading this: sleep is important!

My profile page on her site contains a nice summary of my experiences to date and a nice photo of myself wearing a student’s amazingly warm and comfy ear muffs. Here’s the whole sleepy interview: