Keimyung Gazette Column: Taxi! Taxi!

Earlier during my time at Keimyung I assisted the Keimyung Gazette by helping students prepare articles and by writing a column for every second issue. While helping students prepare articles was challenging, I found the act of writing my own columns much more difficult; almost like a form of torture. The writing was always hard going, and that was after the harder task of choosing a

February 2010 Fitness Diary!

This is the month I really hope to take control of my diet and eat much healthier. I'm in the habit of exercising regularly now, but watching what I eat, especially late at night, has always been difficult for me. The time has come to put as much effort into my diet as I have been putting into my exercise program. Vegetables and salads will make up the bulk of my meals... I hope.

Rediscovering The Music of James Horner

January 2010 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, January 2: My first exercise session of 2010 was a very light one due to a developing illness. I went to see a doctor in the morning and he diagnosed me with a case of the common cold. I didn't feel too bad though, just a slight sore throat and a cough, so I decided to do some light exercise to stay active. I planned on going to the gym after visiting the doctor, but changed my mind and decided to exercise at home. Eight-minute abs plus some side exercises followed by a chest and shoulder workout.

One-Minute Conversations:

Cardio Fitness Video Diary: Sept 1 - Dec 31, 2009

JMS Cult: Chinese Documentary Montage

In September 2009, the Chinese government produced a 33-minute documentary about notorious serial rapist Jeong Myeong-seok and the cult he leads, commonly known as JMS.  The documentary is important because it shows for the first time footage of Jeong in police custody in China and footage offering a disturbing glimpse into Jeong's lifestyle while a fugitive in China.

Merry Christmas!

December 2009 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, December 1: Ninety minutes in the gym to start December's fitness campaign, Chest and triceps followed by 5 km on the treadmill. My ankle, which I injured in August, is now strong enough to jog on and I tested it out today by jogging one of those five kilometers. It felt a little stiff, but it held up fine and I think I need to run on it more to get it back up to 100%. Shoulders, sides, and calves immediately after stepping off the treadmill.

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