Goodbye Lost!

To mark the end of Lost and Michael Giacchino's brilliant musical score, I put together this video featuring some of my favorite Lost musical moments:

May 2010 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, May 1: A slow 15 km jog this morning taking a route that a few months ago I never imagined I could jog:

May 2010 Listening Diary!

May 1 - 5: I began May with something of a change in pace. Instead of the orchestral strains of film scores, it was the the wild strains of Steve Vai's magical guitar that filled my ears as I explored his latest live CD, Where The Other Wild Things Are:

April 2010 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, April 1: My April fitness campaign began with a 65-minute gym session: 4 km on the treadmill, a legs workout, and one skipping set of 230 jumps. 22 days, 19 hours, and 42 minutes to my first half marathon!

Saturday, April 3: Today was my first time time to use my new SwimP3 in a 50-meter pool and the experience was simply amazing. Best electronic since my automatic bread slicer.

2010 MBC Half Marathon!

Sunday, April 25: My first ever half marathon!

How To Make A Delicious Banana Smoothie!

Yum! I've been making myself banana smoothies for breakfast of late and think my recipe good enough to share with the world:

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 banana, 1 kiwi "slimmy" yogurt, 5 grams of creatine monohydrate (for big muscles), some low-fat milk, and a dash of cinnamon. Blend, consume, and enjoy!

April 2010 Listening Diary! (Take 2)

OOps, on April 15 I accidentally deleted the original April Listening Diary post. I'll have to post what I can from memory. Funny, this is only the third month I have kept a listening diary, but the loss of the details troubles me greatly. Memo to self: Be more careful when deleting spammers and their posts. Bad spammers!

From memory:

March 2010 Fitness Diary!

Monday, March 1: March began with a public holiday and that unfortunately meant the gym was closed. That combined with the rain left me with no other option than to exercise at home: Thirty km on my exercise bike while watching Firefly and then a short sharp chest, shoulders, and triceps workout:

March 2010 Listening Diary!

Sunday, March 7: I'm a little behind so let me go back in time a few days and start from there: On March 4 I listened to Brian Tyler's The Killing Room for the first time all the way through (while riding my exercise bike) and I was quite impressed with it. Especially the string arpeggio motive that pops up in a few of the tracks. That's one score I definitely need to get to know better.

February 2010 Listening Diary!

Monday, February 1: It was a John Williams day in my apartment as his newly released score for the 1976 terrorism thriller Black Sunday graced my ears for the first time. I was already familiar with the main themes of the score from the suit rerecorded by Silva Screen Records, but this was my first time to hear the man himself conducting it. As much as I love the the previously available suite, there's nothing like hearing Williams conducting Williams. I also listened to his Amazing Stories score for the pilot episode "The Mission."

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