International Affairs Coordinator

My First Campus Tour!

On the eve of the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu, the head of the Kenyan delegation, Mr. Peter Pamba, was invited by President Synn to visit the Keimyung campus. The enjoyable task of showing Mr. Pamba around campus fell to me, and I doubt I'll ever meet a nicer man. I was also asked by the Keimyung Korean press to ask him a few questions which I've included below along with Mr. Pamba's answers.


SAIPEKS Students at Keimyung

My first task after agreeing to be the new International Affairs Coordinator here at Keimyung was right up my alley. Video editing has long been a hobby of mine, so I eagerly said yes when asked if I could edit this video recorded by three international students studying at Keimyung on the SAIPEKS program. It's a great program and I'm really excited to be involved with it.


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