Keimyung University

My First Campus Tour!

On the eve of the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu, the head of the Kenyan delegation, Mr. Peter Pamba, was invited by President Synn to visit the Keimyung campus. The enjoyable task of showing Mr. Pamba around campus fell to me, and I doubt I'll ever meet a nicer man. I was also asked by the Keimyung Korean press to ask him a few questions which I've included below along with Mr. Pamba's answers.


SAIPEKS Students at Keimyung

My first task after agreeing to be the new International Affairs Coordinator here at Keimyung was right up my alley. Video editing has long been a hobby of mine, so I eagerly said yes when asked if I could edit this video recorded by three international students studying at Keimyung on the SAIPEKS program. It's a great program and I'm really excited to be involved with it.


A Walk Around Keimyung In The Fall (2008)

I just found this video from 2008 on my old hard drive and decided to share it here. As the name suggests, it's simply a walk around Keimyung in the fall. I'm watching it now for the first time in over two years and it's bringing back a lot of good memories:


Semester 2 Schedule!

Reflections on the KITT (Keimyung Intensive Teacher Training) Program

A look back on the semester that was on the KITT program. It was my first time to teach a class on the KITT program and I wanted to make a video to remind myself and the trainees of the good times we shared:

Keimyung Gazette Column: Taxi! Taxi!

Earlier during my time at Keimyung I assisted the Keimyung Gazette by helping students prepare articles and by writing a column for every second issue. While helping students prepare articles was challenging, I found the act of writing my own columns much more difficult; almost like a form of torture. The writing was always hard going, and that was after the harder task of choosing a

One-Minute Conversations:

Semester 2 Class Photos!

I'm just finishing what would have to be my most enjoyable semester at Keimyung and decided to take photos of my classes to help me remember them, and perhaps for my students to remember me (if they want to). The classes were all so rewarding and full of good memories I can hardly believe it.

The Opening of the Keimyung Arts Center

The opening of the Keimyung Arts Center was an event I had been looking forward to with much anticipation for almost a year. I just love the sound of an orchestra and I just had to bring along my camera to document the night for the history books.

Suji & Doori's Animation!

In the summer of 2008, two of my former students - Suji and Doori -  invited me to star in this animation movie for their senior year portfolio. I felt quite touched that they wanted me for their film, so I eagerly said yes. My part took about an hour to film, but Suji and Doori worked on the animation day after day for over 6 months.

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