Fly Us To The Moon!

That big bright thing between us is the moon:

Darth Vader Style!

John Williams' fantastic militaristic march for Darth Vader sounds really nice slowed down a bit on my keyboard, guitar, and Roland Ax-Synth:


A Theme from War Horse by John Williams

A very beautiful theme from John Williams' briliant War Horse score spoiled by a horrible horrible video. It seemed like a good idea at time:

My Battlestar Galactica Music Award!

A big thank you to Battlestar composer Bear McCreary for awarding my "Roslin and Adama for 3 Peters" video a very special "What the Frak" Award! It truely made my day, week, month, and year to read his colorful thoughts on my video^^. I was truly honored and touched to learn that  a composer whose music has given me some much pleasure took the time to comment on my amateur endeavor:

Here is the offending video, and it's not nearly as bad as I remember it... or is it?

The King's Speech for 3 Peters

My first Alexandre Desplat piece is the charming and beautifully crafted theme from The King's Speech. I liked it when I first heard it and playing only increased my enjoyment and appreciation of the piece. I did; however, take some liberties with the arrangement, simplifying it where necessary. You'll notice my right hand stops playing the piano at the 45 second mark until the main theme returns^^. The right hand part for those bars isn't difficult, but I just couldn't get my hands working together. I needed another week or two of practice, but I was eager to start working on my next pieces....

The Star-Spangled Banner!

This one's dedicated to my two beloved American nephews, James and Tommy Daley...


Amazing Grace for Two Peters

My first music video of 2012 is a nice sweet arrangement of Amazing Grace:

Theme from To Kill A Mocking Bird by Elmer Bernstein (Children's Arrangement)

My last duet of the year, recorded December 31, was Elmer Bernstein's simplified arrangement for his theme from To Kill A Mocking Bird. It was very satisfying to be finally able to - after 18 months of playing piano - take a crack at a piece by one of my favorite composers, albeit a simplified arrangement:

Merry Xmas!

Merry Musical Christmas and a Happy New Year!


2011 Xmas Music Video No. 1: Silent Night

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