Michael Kamen

February 2012 Listening Diary!

February 1: I began February by listening to "Streets of Manhatten", the opening piece from Superman 3 by Ken Thorn, which incorporates snippets of John Williams' theme from the original film. But most of the piece is Ken Thorn's own music and it's a very fun upbeat piece complete with classical flourishes. A nice piece to start a day on. Next up was Spirited Away (the OST and Image Album) which I Iistened to while walking to and from work, noticing for the first time some very beautiful moments and nice variations particularly in the Image Album.

April 2011 Listening Diary!

Friday, April 1: I began the month with some classic John Williams at the gym on the treadmill. And it doesn't get any more "classic" than Raiders of the Lost Ark. I listened to the final third of the score from "The Airplane Fight" up to the rousing finale.

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