Interviewed by the UC San Diego Guardian for JMS Article

On October 22, 2006, the JMS cult held an event on the University of California's San Diego campus. I tipped off reporters from The Guardian and they went along to report on the event.

A Montage of Student Presentations

I made this video in 2007 to inform my students about the Kemmys Presentation Competition

End of the World Predicted at Meditation Lecture

This article, written in 2006 for the Keimyung Gazette, is referenced on wikipedia (link) and is hosted on various...(add sites) ... (plus add details about the arbitration hearing for control of www.brahmakumaris.info. --> upload pdf of decision in which article is mentioned) I believe it is the first article in English to explore the history and recent criticisms of the Brahma Kumaris. /// formatting problems --> add italics...

End of the World Predicted at Meditation Lecture

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