December 2011 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, December 1: December began with a quick chest, shoulders, and triceps workout after work. With a presentation on cults to prepare for Saturday, my gym time was severely limited. Continue reading “December 2011 Fitness Diary!”

To Kill A Mocking Bird (A Duet for Two Peters)

My last duet of the year, recorded on the second last day of the year, is Elmer Bernstein’s simplified arrangement for his theme from To Kill A Mocking Bird (1962). It was very satisfying to be finally able to, after 18 months of playing piano, take a crack at a piece by one of my favourite composers, albeit a simplified children’s arrangement for the composer’s daughter:

Deck The Halls & Silent Night (A Special Christmas Treat)


Silent Night (A Trio for Three Santa Clauses Dressed as Peters)

My neighbours didn’t have a silent night, but that couldn’t be helped.

November 2011 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, November 1: I started exercising before the month of November was 7.5 hours old. It was hard to get up early after a long day in Seoul yesterday, but I managed to do just that and I arrived at the gym on campus just after 7 a.m. for a pretty good all round weights session in which I exercised my thighs, hamstrings, calves, sides, abs, lower back, back, traps, lats, and biceps. Continue reading “November 2011 Fitness Diary!”

Metamorphosis 1 (A Duet for Three Ghostly Peters)

I first heard Philip Glass“Metamorphosis 1” on a season 2 episode of Battlestar Galactica in a rare use of music not by series composer Bear McCreary. I’m not sure what sparked that decision, but I’m glad it was made as it introduced me to Philip Glass. I had heard the name before and seen it on numerous CD covers while browsing CD shops back in the day, but I never ventured to buy one. I fell in love with the piece immediately, captivated by its haunting minor tone. It is beautiful, but it’s a sad reflective beauty devoid of joy or happiness. Delicious!


A few months ago I came across the sheet music and made a note to myself to try play it one day. Continue reading “Metamorphosis 1 (A Duet for Three Ghostly Peters)”

Elgar’s Salut d’Amour (A Duet for Two Romantic Peters)

My loveliest duet yet is yet another piece from the classic Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Level 2:

October 2011 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, October 1: My month and weekend started well with a solid back, traps, lats, biceps, calves, and lower back workout followed by 4.5 quite steep kilometres on the treadmill: Continue reading “October 2011 Fitness Diary!”