November 2023 Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, Nov. 1: It wasn’t a very active start to the month, but I was productive on the work front. Just some walking today: 7,907 steps/5.62 km.

Thursday, Nov. 2: More of the same: 6,463 steps/4.48 km.

Friday, Nov. 3: More of the same again: 10,956 steps/8.26 km.

Saturday, Nov. 4: I visited my gym for the first time this month. Fifteen StairMaster minutes (1) were accomplished. And I walked a total of 19,489 steps/14.5 km. And now that that busy period of grading is behind me, I’m looking ahead to a very active and intense week of exercise.

Sunday, Nov. 5: A pretty god weights session was completed in the afternoon: chest, shoulders, triceps, legs, and core (1). My steps for the day: 16,409/12.1 km.

Monday, Nov. 6: Just some walking, and I noticed a slight ache in my inner left knee. Drats. My steps for the day: 10,873/7.97 km.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: More walking after class, and my knee felt fine after it had warmed up. My steps for the day: 18,086 steps/13.2 km.

Wednesday, Nov. 8: A gym session during my long 6.5 hour break between classes: back, lats, biceps, core – more sit-ups than normal, leg extenions, calves (2), and …. almost hamstrings as I noticed that the curling motion made me aware of the slight knee ache. My steps for the day: 11,371/8.23 km.

Thursday, Nov. 9: A lovely lazy evening upon getting home after work. My total steps, a relaxing  5,515/4.01 km.

Friday, Nov. 10: A lot of walking, but it didn’t really feel like it, and I was surprised at the total: 28,802 steps/20.9 km.

Saturday, Nov. 11: A gym session in the afternoon: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, core, and a set of calf raises (3). And my steps for the day: 15,853/11.8 km.

Sunday, Nov. 12: Almost a gym session, but just some walking instead: 19,122 steps/14 km

Monday, Nov. 13: An evening gym session: legs, core, and light back, lats, and biceps (4). My total steps for the day: 21,554/16.1 km.

Tuesday, Nov. 14: Just some walking; my total steps for the day: 15,750/11.6 km.

Wednesday, Nov. 15: A little more walking: 11,338 steps/8.42 km.

Thursday. Nov. 16: Some walking and a relaxing lazy evening: 9,280 steps/6.68 km.

Friday, Nov. 17: A fasted weights session helped get me back into health and fitness mindset: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, core, and legs (5). And a lot of walking: 22,082 steps/16.82 km.

Saturday, Nov. 18: Just some walking again: 17,055 steps/12.3 km

Sunday, Nov. 19: A short workout as I ran out of time: back, lats, biceps, sides. and lower back (6). And quite a bit of walking again: 19,618 steps/14.2 km.

Monday, Nov. 20:   A fasted workout after work and after a haircut: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, core, and legs (7). And I finished with a short 3.5-minute jog/run (2). And my steps for the day: 14,107/10.5 km.

Tuesday, Nov. 21: More walking, but less than usual: 10,234 steps/7.82  km.

Wednesday, Nov. 22: Just some walking today, again: 17,877 steps/13.3  km.

Thursday, Nov. 23: I planned to go to the gym at night, and I got really close, but since I didn’t go inside, my only exercise for the day was the usual amount of walking: 15,536/11.6 km.

Friday, Nov. 24: A full body weights session: chest… and pretty much every other body part (8). And my steps for  the day: 16,516/12.5 km

Saturday, Nov. 25: Another weights session: legs and core (9), the leg workout was a little more intense and varied than yesterdays. I ended with a 4.5 minute jog/run (3). And today’s steps: 23,483/17.9 km.

Sunday, Nov. 26: Just some walking when I should have been working: 18,256 steps/13.5 km.

Monday, Nov. 27: A really good fasted workout after work: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, legs, core, and a little biceps (10). And my steps for the day: 10,212/7.43 km.

Tuesday, Nov. 28: Another fasted workout: back, lats, traps, calves, and biceps (11), and I finished with a 4.5-minute jog/run (4). And walking today: 12,169/8.88 km.

Wednesday, Nov. 29: A pretty long weights session in the early evening when the gym was surprisingly not very busy: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, forearms, traps, legs, abs, and sides (12). And my steps for the day – another surprise as it didn’t feel like I walked that much: 17,092/12.5 km.

Thursday, Nov. 30: There can be no gym session today, so walking will be the only exercise I partake in on this the last day of the month. My total steps for the day: 10,020/8.33 km.


Weights Workouts: 12

StairMaster & Treadmill Sessions: 3

Total Steps:  15,100 per day