December 2013 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, December 1: A chest, shoulders, and triceps workout at the Hamilton Hotel to start what will hopefully be an action-packed exercise month. Continue reading “December 2013 Fitness Diary!”

November 2013 Fitness Diary!

Friday, November 1: The month started with a very short and unintense session that involved nothing but shrugs and bicep curls at home. A cold is well and truely on its way, and I’ve got a busy month ahead of me at work. Continue reading “November 2013 Fitness Diary!”

October 2013 Fitness Diary! (Incomplete)

Wednesday, October 2: October began a day late with one of the hardest weights session I’ve ever completed: legs (presses, free squats, hamstrings, and calves), back, lats, traps, biceps, and lower back. Two days later and my muscles are still in a state of pained shock.

Friday, October 4: A solid pre-Korean class workout: chest, shoulders, abs, and sides. Continue reading “October 2013 Fitness Diary! (Incomplete)”

September 2013 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, September 1: September’s fitness project started right on time on the very first day of the month with an intense core (lower abs, lower back, and sides) and calves workout. I love that post lower-back workout tiredness that results in trying to keep my back straight whilst walking, a difficult task that requires intense concentration. Continue reading “September 2013 Fitness Diary!”

August 2013 Fitness Diary!

August started poorly fitness wise but great music wise with a trip to Japan to see Steve Vai in Tokyo and Yokohama. And then a severe common cold struck me my last day in Japan, resulting in a further week of inactivity. By the time I returned to the gym, the month was almost half over… Continue reading “August 2013 Fitness Diary!”

July 2013 Fitness Diary!

Monday, July 1: July started well fitness wise with a massive chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, and sides weights session. I really am getting stronger and stonger and stronger. Continue reading “July 2013 Fitness Diary!”

In the Room of the Music Kings (A Trio for Three Regal Peters)

Edvard Grieg is on today’s musical menu:

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (A Duet for Two Peter Ilyich Daleys)

Finally, here is my much-requested performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake with my new acoustic guitar which I’m really glad I bought. While I love my Steve Vai Ibanez Jem, there’s something natural and pure about the sound of an acoustic guitar even when the sound is run through an amp with some special effects added: