Top 10 Favourite Scores for War Films

I put together this list last year for one of my classes in which students created their own Word Press blog and wrote about two of their passions. The idea being to encourage students to write by asking them to write about the things that interest them the most. I wrote this as a guide to give students an idea of what I expected from one task, which was to create one top 10 list related to one of their passions or two top 5 lists related to both passions. While thinking about new content to add here, I remembered I have quite a few posts on that class blog that I could happily place here with a few changes, tweaks, and updates. For this post, I made a few edits, I added a lot of addition links (I like links), I included a reference to a Hitler-praising cult leader, and I fine-tuned how the videos appear  as I prefer smaller sized videos that take up less real estate. I also corrected one typo which thankfully none of my students noticed. There are probably more, but that’s life.

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To Kill A Mocking Bird (A Duet for Two Peters)

My last duet of the year, recorded on the second last day of the year, is Elmer Bernstein’s simplified arrangement for his theme from To Kill A Mocking Bird (1962). It was very satisfying to be finally able to, after 18 months of playing piano, take a crack at a piece by one of my favourite composers, albeit a simplified children’s arrangement for the composer’s daughter:

Practicing “The Great Escape March”

The Elmer Bernstein Collection (piano book) just arrived, and the first piece I’m attempting is his famous and fabulous march from The Great Escape. I still have a long way to go, but practicing it is a lot of fun: