The Half Marathon from Hell for a Good Cause

On Saturday April 25, I attended a screening of Ann Shin’s documentary “The Defector” which traces the harrowing journey of a group of North Korean defectors as they endeavour to escape China, where they face the risk of deportation back to North Korea, and make their way to South Korea via the Golden Triangle and Thailand. Here is the trailer. Below that, an interview with Ann Shin:

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July 2015 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, July 2: A light back, lats, biceps, and forearm workout to start the month, but my heart and mind just weren’t in an exercising frame of mind.

Saturday, July 4: A wee chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps session

Monday, July 6: An evening river run to prepare for next Sunday’s half marathon. I should have done this week’s ago.

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June 2015 Fitness Diary!

Monday, June 1: A cardio workout to start the month. It’s now less than two weeks until my next half marathon, and this time it’s for a good cause! 

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October 2013 Fitness Diary! (Incomplete)

Wednesday, October 2: October began a day late with one of the hardest weights session I’ve ever completed: legs (presses, free squats, hamstrings, and calves), back, lats, traps, biceps, and lower back. Two days later and my muscles are still in a state of pained shock.

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10 10 2010: Hi Seoul Failed Half Marathon!

Oops, my anticipated personal best half marathon time was ruined by a calf strain just three kilometers into the race. On the positive side, I got a free ride in an ambulance with the siren on, and I still got my completion medal:

The 2009 Dokdo Marathon!

Last June, I took part in the Dokdo Marathon at Jamsil Stadium with my friend, Chuck. It really was a fun experience, especially starting and finishing at the Olympic Stadium. I ran a few 10 and 12 kilometer races while living in Japan in 2001 and 2002, but I hadn’t participated in a “marathon” since then. Continue reading “The 2009 Dokdo Marathon!”