The Korea File Podcast: The Crimes & Influence of Korean Cults

A big thank you to Andrea Goulet, the man behind The Korea File podcast, for inviting to take part in a pleasant chat about Korean cults on the balcony of a central Seoul cafe towards the end of the summer of ’15.

Peter Daley is the host of the online cult forum, named after notorious cult leader Jeong Myeong-seok, the best information clearing house and discussion forum on South Korean cult activity.

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GuruEthics Podcast: Korean Cults

Debrah Van Nest was kind enough to allow me to participate in her latest podcast. In our 55-minute chat, we explored my history and experiences with several Korean cults, and we touched a little on the Scientology Going Clear saga as well as my recent volunteer work with the Teach North Korean Refugees program in Seoul.

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Cafe Seoul Podcast: Korean Cults

I was recently invited by the kind and friendly Cafe Seoul podcast crew to speak about my interest and experiences with cults. My segment starts at the 41:40 mark and continues through to the end. We spoke for an hour, but it felt like five minutes. Time flies when you’re…. talking about cults.