My CBS Debut!

It was such a thrill to hear from CBS TV and have them ask to attend a recent presentation I gave about cults. CBS seems to be one of the few media companies that are not afraid of the numerous criminal organisations that I find endlessly fascinating. Reporter Jon Dunbar, who has also had a few run-ins with Shinchonji, was also interviewed:


My Korea Times Debut!

I made my Korea Times debut a few days ago thanks to reporter Jon Dunbar who was kind enough to attend a presentation I gave last Saturday on my favorite subject. He then sent me some questions regarding how cults here typically recruit. He then sent some follow-up questions based on my initial responses, and then he wrote his piece around selected quotes. Continue reading “My Korea Times Debut!”

Pirate Radio 90-Minute Podcast!

The good crew of Pirate Radio Podcast invited me on-board for a 90-minute chat about the usual suspects: North Korea; the JMS cult; Ahae, the alter-ego of the dead cult leader and owner of the Sewol ferry; British police officers endorsing Korean cults; and the recent rise of Shinchonji:

The Korea File Podcast: The Crimes & Influence of Korean Cults

A big thank you to Andrea Goulet, the man behind The Korea File podcast, for inviting to take part in a pleasant chat about Korean cults on the balcony of a central Seoul cafe towards the end of the summer of ’15.

Peter Daley is the host of the online cult forum, named after notorious cult leader Jeong Myeong-seok, the best information clearing house and discussion forum on South Korean cult activity.

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KCrush Magazine Interview!

A big thank you to Jee-hyo Jeong and the crew of KCrush Magazine for interviewing me for their anniversary issue. At this stage, there are no plans to publish the interview online, but they were kind enough to allow me to share it here on my site. The version that appears in print was slightly edited to save space. The original longer version is available here on my cult site. Continue reading “KCrush Magazine Interview!”

GuruEthics Podcast: Korean Cults

Debrah Van Nest was kind enough to allow me to participate in her latest podcast. In our 55-minute chat, we explored my history and experiences with several Korean cults, and we touched a little on the Scientology Going Clear saga as well as my recent volunteer work with the Teach North Korean Refugees program in Seoul.

Korean Cults: A dynamic interview with Peter Daley by Cult Awareness Radio on Mixcloud Continue reading “GuruEthics Podcast: Korean Cults”

Cafe Seoul Podcast: Korean Cults

I was recently invited by the kind and friendly Cafe Seoul podcast crew to speak about my interest and experiences with cults. My segment starts at the 41:40 mark and continues through to the end. We spoke for an hour, but it felt like five minutes. Time flies when you’re…. talking about cults.

The Korea Blog Awards & Reflections on 2014

The year 2014, my busiest ever as an amateur cult watcher, officially ended at the first annual Korean Blog Awards with a fun-filled night of networking and beering with friends old and new. You can read more about that night and my reflections on all the cultic events of 2014 right here.

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