Star Wars Episode 7: The Music Awakens!

Star Wars Montage Smaller alt2

A new Star Wars score by the one and only John Williams is a big deal. For fans of John Williams, there is no bigger deal as for many fans and musicians, it was his first Star Wars score that ignited their passion for music. A new Star Wars score is certainly a big deal for me for that very reason – I’m a huge Williams fan and somewhat of an amateur musician. I began jotting down some thoughts on John Williams’ new score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but quickly found myself detouring into some reflections on anticipating and experiencing this and previous Star Wars scores.  Continue reading “Star Wars Episode 7: The Music Awakens!”

Darth Vader Theme (A Terrible Trio for Three Sith Lords)

John Williams’ fantastic militaristic march for Darth Vader from The Empire Strikes Back (1980) sounds really nice slowed down a bit and performed on my keyboard, slightly out of tune guitar (not my fault), and Roland Ax-Synth at the same time: