TNKR on KBS 남북의창 This Saturday (Aug. 29) at 8 am

After a hectic day moving to my new apartment with all the packing, unpacking, and heavy lifting that moving always entails,  I was treated to a lovely meal and interesting conversations with TNKR’s founders Casey and Eun-goo and my student Ken Eom while being filmed with KBS anchor Lee Hyun-jung for her show 남북의창.

Instead of the usual questions and answers, we simply chatted over dinner about our TNKR experiences.  I’m not sure how much of our discussion will make it into the 10-minute segment (the KBS crew spend the whole day filming), but it was yet another memorable TNKR moment which I’ll long cherish. The segment airs this Saturday (August 29) on KBS at 8 am and will be available online soon after at the show’s website. 

Update 1: The segment is available here.

Update 2: Ha, only a few seconds of our dinner conversation made it into the final edit, but I’m clearly visible enjoying some Chinese food in the mirror for about 2 seconds near the end of the segment: