2017 Reading Diary Part 2!


I have been reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest, New York 2140, since March 25. Come May, I’m still reading it. The huge drop off in my daily reading isn’t due to the book, which I am enjoying. If I were to put it down to one cause, that would be “work”. On May 7, I just passed the half-way point, so I’m hoping that will result in a return to more normal reading speeds. I finally finished it during the final minutes of Tuesday May 16, some seven and a half weeks after starting it.

I needed a fast read after spending 7 weeks in Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York of the future. The 15th Jack Reacher, Worth Dying For, novel fitted the bill perfectly. I began it the morning of May 17 and finished it 50 hours later.

Next up, a return to the world of destructive cults.