Metamorphosis 1 (A Duet for Three Ghostly Peters)

I first heard Philip Glass“Metamorphosis 1” on a season 2 episode of Battlestar Galactica in a rare use of music not by series composer Bear McCreary. I’m not sure what sparked that decision, but I’m glad it was made as it introduced me to Philip Glass. I had heard the name before and seen it on numerous CD covers while browsing CD shops back in the day, but I never ventured to buy one. I fell in love with the piece immediately, captivated by its haunting minor tone. It is beautiful, but it’s a sad reflective beauty devoid of joy or happiness. Delicious!


A few months ago I came across the sheet music and made a note to myself to try play it one day. That day arrived a few weeks ago, and I was quite surprised by its simplicity. Happily, my beginner piano fingers had no trouble finding the right notes. Coordination between the hands would take a little longer, but after just twenty minutes, I had it memorized and was on my way to mastering it to the fullest extent of my immature skills.