July 2022 Fitness Diary!

Friday, July 1: July started with a bang with a pretty intense gym session: back, lats, traps, biceps, forearms, sides, lower back, and calves. And also some walking: 11,755 steps 9.34 km, less than normal because it was a rainy and miserable day.

Saturday, July 2: Just walking today, most of it around the lake: 16,159 steps/12.1 km.

Sunday, July 3: More walking – 16,586 steps/12. 5 km, and a gym session: calves, leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls, sides, and lower back.

Monday, July 4: Just a walking day: 17,998 steps/13.3 km. And about 60% of those were in my wonderful new comdortable shoes.

Tuesday, July 5: A little less walking – 12,702 steps/9.9 km and an intense gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, sides, lower back, and calves.

Wedneday, July 6: Another gym session: back, lats, biceps, forearms, traps, sides, and lower back. And my walking for the day: 20,415 steps/15.2 km.

Thursday, July 7: Legs day in the gym and more walking: 19,760 steps/14.6 km.

Friday, July 8: Gym again: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps, and my usual walking: 17,107 steps/12.9 km.

Saturday, July 9: A light workout – my last in Australia: back, lats, traps, biceps, leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls, sides, lower back, and wrist curls. And I walked 17,214 steps/12.9 km.

Sunday, July 10: Only 8,919 steps/6.69 km today due to finally catching up with my sisters and their families for the first time since right around the beginning of the pandemic.

Monday, July 11: Up early for an early morning walk to the beach. And I had the most delicious coffee-flavoured protein drink.  The brand is Crankt – I misread it as “Cranky” and it made me happy. The day’s totals were 21,499 steps/16.4 kilometers.

Tuesday, July 12: A lot of walking for my last day in Sydney and Oz this trip: 21, 697 steps/16.5 km.

Wednesday, July 13: A little less walking as most of the day was spent on a plane: 11,906 steps/8.58 km.

Thursday, July 14: Back in my gym: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps, and some of my usual walking: 16,414 steps/12.6 km.

Friday, July 15: Just a walking day: 16,879 steps/13 km.

Saturday, July 16: A good weights session in the early afternoon: back, lats, traps, biceps, calves, and forearms. And my usual walking: 14,465 steps/11.2 km.

Sunday, July 17: Just a walking day: 20,715 steps/15.3 km.

Monday, July 18: Legs and core in the gym and another 20,000 steps: 20.987 steps/16.3 km.

Tuesday, July 19: A short 15-minute weights session early in the morning before Kids’ Camp orientation – chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps, and more walking: 14,080 steps/9.73 km.

Wednesday, July 20: Another shortish weights session, this one in the early evening: biceps, lats, back, calves, leg extensions, hamstring curls, sides, and lower back. My walking added up to 18,348 steps/14 km.

Thursday, July 21: A lot of morning walking, the day’s total came to  a staggering 32,694 steps/24.8  km. And a gym session before lunch: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. Just watched a video about Thor. He bulked up with seperate days for chest, back, shoulder arms, and legs. That is a little top heavy.

Friday, July 22: Booster day, so no gym: 13,051 steps/9.58 km.

Saturday, July 23: A quick gym session: biceps, lats, traps, back. and calves. I walked 24,568 steps/19.4 km.

Sunday, July 24: Another short gym session: leg extensions, leg presses, hamstring curls, sides, lower back, calves, and traps. I walked steps 24,117 steps/18.6 km.

Monday, July 25: A lot of walking on a hot day as the childrens’ camp begins: 25,753 steps/18.9 km.

Tuesday, July 26: I didn’t make it to the gym, but I did a lot of walking again: 25,336 steps/18.5 km. I hope to go to the gym either in the mornin before work – well, that didn’t happen – or after work in the evening. That’s still a possibility.

Wednesday, July 27: A lot more walking again: 24,801 steps/19 km.

Thursday, July 28: I crashed and burned today. A combination perhaps of long camp days, summer heat, and all the walking I’ve recently done. I still surpassed 10,000 steps, but I went to bed very early with a migraine headache.: 11,402 steps/7.46 km.

Friday, July 29: No gym again, but my now usual amount of walking: 21,134 steps/15.6 km.

Saturday, July 30: back in the gym – finally! Chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, lower back, sides, and calves. And I needed that. And I walked a total of 16,712 steps/13 km – perhaps too many considering some of those were taken in 37 degree heat!

Sunday, July 31: Another weights session: leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calves, biceps, back, and lats. And to finish the month, I walked 20,156 steps/15.6 km. 578,844 steps for the month according to one of my walking apps. An average of 18,705 steps a day according to another which is pretty close to that total number.