Piano Progress Video: December 21, 2010!

I had hoped to record this earlier in December, but finishing off my Masters Degree and finishing my teaching semester left me with little time, correction – zero time, for hobbies. Now that I’ve finished studying (perhaps forever) and have almost finished teaching for the year, I can put most of my energy into the things that give me pleasure, and music pretty much tops that list.

I begin with a lovely “folksy” melody I learnt by ear from James Horner’s score for the film Legends Of The Fall and then one of my favourite Bach melodies, “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desire”, follows, and what an exquisite and perfect melody it is. It’s an absolute joy to play and listen to. Next, I played a few pieces from my piano book featured in the video’s introduction: “Morning Has Broken”, “The William Tell Overture”, “Ode To Joy”, and “The Galway Piper.” with some a few major scales in between – C, G, D, A, and E if I recall correctly. I ended with a little guitar session with some help from my Boss GT-10 effects unit and in particular a nice little repeating effect called “Broken Dream”.