Son Crusades to Meet Father Abducted by North Korea

I am honored to be part of the team of volunteers working to help raise awareness of Mr Hwang’s crusade to meet his abducted father. More about that here.


When Hwang In-cheol was 2 years old, his father disappeared. … It wasn’t until Hwang was in the third grade that his father’s brother decided he should know the truth.

Hwang Won was a 32-year-old producer for Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) based in Gangwon. On Dec. 11, 1969, he boarded a Korean Air flight from Gangneung, Gangwon, for Gimpo International Airport in Seoul to attend an MBC internal meeting. A senior colleague who was supposed to attend was busy. He ordered Hwang to fill in for him.

Ten minutes after takeoff, a North Korean spy hijacked the YS-11 aircraft and the 50 other people on it, all South Koreans, to Wonsan, some 207 kilometers (128.6 miles) east of Pyongyang, the North’s capital. Continue reading at The Korea JoongAng Daily.

TNKR on KBS 남북의창 This Saturday (Aug. 29) at 8 am

After a hectic day moving to my new apartment with all the packing, unpacking, and heavy lifting that moving always entails,  I was treated to a lovely meal and interesting conversations with TNKR’s founders Casey and Eun-goo and my student Ken Eom while being filmed with KBS anchor Lee Hyun-jung for her show 남북의창. Continue reading “TNKR on KBS 남북의창 This Saturday (Aug. 29) at 8 am”

Volunteering With North Korean Defectors

Sharon and me on Arirang TV

The first time I recall being fascinated with North Korea was while I was living and teaching English in Japan (2000-2002) where I heard for the first time about the abduction of 13-year-old Megami Yokota by North Korean agents. The idea that a nation state could order the kidnapping of a school girl and then have that order carried out totally stunned me for all the obvious reasons. Continue reading “Volunteering With North Korean Defectors”

KCrush Magazine Interview!

A big thank you to Jee-hyo Jeong and the crew of KCrush Magazine for interviewing me for their anniversary issue. At this stage, there are no plans to publish the interview online, but they were kind enough to allow me to share it here on my site. The version that appears in print was slightly edited to save space. The original longer version is available here on my cult site. Continue reading “KCrush Magazine Interview!”