April 2013 Fitness Diary! (Incomplete)

Monday, April 1: April started with a back, lats, traps, and biceps workout.

Tuesday, April 2: Super-fast seven kilometre run in under 35 minutes. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve done that!

Wednesday, April 3: Chest, shoulder, triceps, and abs.

Thursday, April 4: 40-minute cross-trainer session followed by a legs workout:

Friday, April 5:  A super-fast 3.6 kilometer run in under 17 minutes:

Saturday, April 6: Super Saturday weights session: back, biceps, traps, lats, lower back, sides, abs, inner thighs, and calves!

Sunday, April 7: 5 steep treadmill kilometres followed by a rare forearm workout.

Monday, April 8: Chest, shoulders, triceps, and one set of lower back extensions despite some lingering muscle stiffness from Saturday’s workout.

Tuesday, April 9: Legs workout, one of the hardest ever!

Wednesday, April 10: Another treadmill world record: 8 kilometers in under 42 minutes:

Friday, April 12: Bak day in the gym: back, lats, traps, and biceps.

Saturday, April 13: A morning weights session for my legs, abs, and sides with an emphasis on the legs.

Monday, April 15: A world record 4.5 kilometer sprint to celebrate the beginning of another week in Seoul:

 photo 20130415_zpse9fae79d.jpg

 Tuesday, April 16: An intense weights session after dinner: chest, shoulders, triceps, sides, lower back, and abs.
Wednesday, April 17: My regular back workout (back, lats, trap, and biceps) with some rare forearm curls thrown in at the end.
Thursday, April 18: A legs and slow steep cardio session after lunch:

April 18 photo 20130418_zpsd43e72c7.jpg

Friday, April 19: A quick late afternoon core (abs, sides, and lower back) workout.
Saturday, April 20: Chest, shoulders, and triceps followed by a fast run that ended prematurely due to a slight calf strain. Bugger:

 photo 20130420_zpsa166dc46.jpg

Wednesday, April 24:

April 24 photo 20130425a_zps19df0e33.jpg

Thursday, April 25:

Saturday, April 27: A 7 kilometre unfun fun run up a mountain and around a zoo:

April 27 photo 20130427_zps252ade53.jpg

Sunday, April 28:

 photo 20130428_zps00c00ded.jpg

Tuesday, April 30: I ended a very active April with a solid thighs, hamstrings, calves, chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.