October 2023 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, October 1: The month started with a visit to my gym: back, lats, traps, biceps, forearms, core, and calves (1). And my steps for the day: 20,204/15 km.

Monday, October 2: I returned to my gym for my first StairMaster session in quite a while: 28 minutes/124 floors (1). And my steps for the day: 10,923/7.99 km.

Tuesday, October 3: Just a fair amount of walking: 19,372 steps/14.3 km.

Wednesday, October 4: Another gymless day as it was a pretty busy day returning to work after the Chuseok break. Just some walking really just to and from work twice: 12,511 steps/9.16 km.

Thursday, October 5: Just some walking before and after class, nice weather for it these days as we fall/autumn is now certainly here: 13,843 steps/9.83 km

Friday, October 6: Back in the gym after an unexpected little break:chest, shoulders, triceps, core, traps, and legs (2). My steps for the day: 14,599/10.5 km.

Saturday, October 7: No gym today, so just some walking mostly at night: 17,557 steps/12.6 km.

Sunday, October 8: More walking: 15,083 steps/10 km.

Monday, October 9: More walking again: 16,427 steps/12 km.

Tuesday, October 10: A short evening gym session: legs and core (3), and the usual amount of walking: 17,066 steps/12.5 km.

Wednesday, October 11: Another evening gym session that came very close to not happening: back, lats, biceps, traps, and forearms (4). And my total steps for the day: 17,098/12.5 km.

Thursday, October 12: A relatively lazy day: 10,509 steps/7.85 km.

Friday, October 13: A lot of walking, and a possible result was a better night’s sleep: 24,403 steps/18km.

Saturday, October 14: A nice 30-minute workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and legs (5). And my steps for the day: 13,539/9.89 km.

Sunday, October 15: Lots of walking again: 20,808 steps/15.6 km.

Monday, October 16: More walking and a gym session as I celebrate another year on planet Earth: legs, core, back, traps, lats, and biceps (6). My steps for the day: 20,432/14.9 km.

Tuesday, October 17: Another night weights session: chest, shoulders, traps, and triceps (7). And my steps for the day: 19,509/14.4 km.

Wednesday, October 18: Just some more walking: 15,004 steps/11km.

Thursday. October 19: Sam again: 10,555 steps/7.94 km

Friday, October 20: Back in the gym for a pretty good legs and core workout (8).

Saturday. October 21: A lot of walking instead of a workout: 20,315 steps/15.3 km.

Sunday, October 22: A good afternoon weights session: legs, core, back, lats, traps, biceps, and forearms (9). And my steps for the day: 10,855/8.05 km.

Monday, October 23: Some more walking: 20,453 steps/15.4 km.

Tuesday, Octyober 24: Back in the gym at night after an intense and deep afternoon nap: chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, and core (10). My steps for the day: 16,913 steps/12.5 km.

Wednesday, October 25: A pretty busy day, so no gym. Instead. – surpirse surpise, more walking: 12,296 steps/9.15 km.

Thursday, October 26: I almost entered my gym, but decided to leave that until tomorrow, so just more usual walking: 13,796 steps/10.2 km.

Friday, October 27: Some more walking: 17,090 steps/12.8 km. , and an evening workout: legs, core, and just a light back, lats, and biceps workout (11).

Saturday, October 28: An upper body wokout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, lats, back, biceps, and forearms (12). And my total steps for the day: 14,872 /10.9 km.

Sunday, October 29: I woke up in pain! It felt like I’d torn a muscle in my upper back. Oach! And surprisingly, an hour later, the pain had almost gone. As I type this 24 hours on Monday morning, my back feels pretty much normal. Wow – I had thought I had done some serious damage. I skipped a gym session just to be safe, and I did my usual amount of walking: 14,464 steps/10.9 km.

Monday, October 30: Just some walking as working took priority: 11,035 steps/8.2 km

Tuesday, October 31: As above: 6,444 steps/4.69 km. And that was the end of another month. Just the one StairMaster session, but I hope to get back into doing those several times a week (maybe) next month. To be continued….


Weights Workouts: 12

StairMaster Sessions: 1

Total Steps:  488,715/15,785 per day