September 2023 Fitness Diary

Friday, September 1: Just some morning walking, and a lazy day after that as my summer vacation is practically well and truely over: 10,112 steps/7.84 km.

Saturday, September 2: My first weights session took place after a 2-hour walk – all on a relatively empty stomach: chest, shoulders, triceps, lower back, and calves (1). And my steps for the day: 26,613/20 km.

Sunday, September 3: A morning walk and some side raises at home. I visited my gym in the late afternoon: core and legs (2). My total steps for the day: 16,199/12.2 km

Monday, September 4: I walked to work to start the semester. I left home just after 7, but I think in the common weeks while the feeling of summer has yet to fade, I’ll leave earlier when I walk to work. Around 6 if possible. No gym, but I did walk past it on my way to a total of 18,195 steps/13,2 km.

Tuesday, September 5: Another back and core workout (3). And my steps for the day: 16,858/12.2 km.

Wednesday, September 6: Just some walking: 15,244 steps/11 km.

Thursday, September 7: Just some more walking: 14,727 steps/11 km.

Friday, September 8:  Back in the gym for a chest, shoulders, triceps, core, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and calf raises (4). And my steps for the day: 15,436/11.7 km.

Saturday, September 9: The plan was for a light back workout followed by my first serious StairMaster session since July, but one of the two machines is out of commission and the other was being used. Instead, I concentrated on the weights plan, but with a lot more sets: back, lats, lower back, sides, sit-ups, biceps, forearms, and some calf raises (5). And that was my hardest back workout in a long time, partly the result of watching the Arnold documentary on Facebook. My steps for the day: 16,478/12.3 km.

Sunday, September 10: Just some walking while I recovered from yesterday’s weights session. My steps for the day: 11,689/9.01 km

Monday, September 11: Another intense workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, abs, and calves (6). I still have yet to get back on a StairMaster, but the good news is that the broken machine is back in business. My total steps for the day: 14,392/10.6 km.

Tuesday, September 12: Just some walking after my three classes: 17,485 steps/12.9 km.

Wednesday, September13: A busy day with a work meeting in between the long break between my two classes, so just a little walking: 6,534 steps/5.57 km.

Thursday, September 14: Just some walking in the evening: 18,341 steps/13.9 km.

Friday, September 15: An evening gym workout: back, lats, biceps, core, and traps (7), and I walked a total of 19,621 steps/14.6 km.

Saturday, September 16: A lazy day indeed. My phone had counted zero steps by 7 PM, and that was pretty accurate. I did, however, then go for a walk, listening for the first time to Howard Shore’s guitar concerto. My steps for the day: 9,248/7.24 km.

Sunday, September 17: An evening gym session after an evening walk: shoulders, traps, chest, shoulders, triceps, and calves (8). I really need to get back on a StairMaster. Maybe tomorrow. My total steps for the day: 16,955/12.6 km.

Monday, September 18: A gym session at night: legs and core (9), and I should be careful with the hip thrust machine thing as I felt a twinge in my lower back. I began with too many weights on it. Silly! My steps for the day: 12,800/9.32 km.

Tuesday, September 19: Just some walking, mostly in the evening – lovely weather for that these days: 14,130 steps/10.3 km.

Wednesday, September 20: A short gym session during my long break between classes: back, biceps, core, and calves (10). And my totals steps for the day: 18,487/13.3 km.

Thursday, September 21: A day off from walking a lot, and I went straight home after to work and the straight to bed. My steps for the day: 5,559/4 km.

Friday, September 22: Just some walking after watching A Haunting in Venice: 15,210 steps/10.5 km.

Saturday, September 23: Just a lot of walking even though I had planned a gym session: 20,949 steps/15.6 km.

Sunday, September 24: Some walking and a long overdue weights session: chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and calves (11). And my total steps for the day: 13,543 steps/10.1 km.

Monday, September 25: Another gym session:back, lats. biceps, traps, lower back, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and some calf raises (12). And my total steps for the day: 18,568 steps/13.8 km.

Tuesday, September 26: Just some walking after class: 12, 445 steps/9.05 km.

Wednesday, September 27: The original plan was to go to the gym before my morning class, but that didn’t even come close to happening. Instead, my exercise today consisted of walking again: 15319 steps/11.1 km.

Thursday, September 28: An aborted gym session as my gym didn’t have clothes and towels available today. I wasn’t dressed for exercise, so I bailed after some shoulder exercises. My steps for the day: 11,769/8.69 km.

Friday, Septermber 29: A home workout for a change: push-ups, shoulders, triceps, and core (13). And my total steps for the day: 16,104 steps/12.1 km

Saturday, September 30: The end of the month is suddenly here, and today’s plan is up to five hours of hiking. The time spent hiking was closer to two hours, but that included some pretty steep terrain. My total steps for the day: 19,835/13.7 km.

No StairMaster sessions in September. I haven’t had a decent one since before my summer vacation that started in late July. Ok, October is the month I return to those sweaty StairMaster sessions. And I should aim to do more home workouts as well. There’s no reason not to, and plenty of reasons to. A total of 19,835 steps/13.7 km, and some of the steps were almost vertical.


Weights Workouts: 13

StairMaster Sessions: 0

Total Steps:  458,880