August 2016 Fitness Diary!

Monday, August 1: This month’s goal to exercise most days got off to a good start with a cardio session, albeit one that was rudely interrupted by an important phone call:

Tuesday, August 2: Another interrupted cardio session, this one was interrupted by a haywire incline mechanism. I’ve experienced this quite a few times now. The relationship between the incline setting and the actual incline just disappears. The incline increases sharply and no amount of button pushing reduces it. At least now I know of another treadmill to avoid.

Wednesday, August 3: More of the same, this time sans interruption:

Thursday, August 4: Weights (legs and core) and a shorter, faster run:

Friday, August 5: No exercise.

Saturday, August 6: A short cardio session because I had things to do, places to visit, songs to play, and a floor to sweep:

Sunday, August 7: Cardio again:

Monday, August 8: Weights: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, thighs, hamstrings, inner thighs, calves, and inner forearms. Now, I’m taking a short snacking, reading, writing, and drinking break before an expected cardio session. The cardio session happened, and it was short, sharp, and very steep:

Tuesday, August 9: A faster run today due to time constraints. These faster runs come with the risk of shin splints and calf injuries, so this might be last quicker run for a while:

Wednesday, August 10: A short weights session just for my core and calves followed by a steepish and shortish cardio session:

Thursday, August 11: Just weights today on a day I really didn’t want to exercise. With a few hours to spare before band practice, it was tempted due to the heat to simply go home and have a nap. I did just that, but it was a shorter nap because of my back, lats, biceps, and legs workout.

Friday, August 12: Back to the cardio:

Saturday, August 13: Thighs, hamstrings, inner thighs, lower back, and calves followed by – after a short reading break – ten very steep treadmill minutes.

Sunday, August 14: Chest, shoulders, traps, triceps, forearms, and a little run:

Monday, August 15: A great core workout followed by a slower, longer cardio session that was much easier on my legs, joints, and muscles:

Tuesday, August 16: A short, steep 11-minute treadmill session followed by calves and forearms. That was my 11th straight day – the 11-minute treadmill session was just a coincidence. I don’t recall ever stringing together that number of consecutive days before. I think I’m ready for a day off, but I plan on doing weights tomorrow and pure cardio on Thursday. Maybe.

Wednesday, August 17: I just wrapped up my planned weights session: thighs, hamstrings, inner thighs, back, lats, biceps, and a little lower back. But wait, there’s more. Then, after a short writing and reading break, I jumped on my favorite treadmill for 27 minutes. That’s 12 days of gym attendance in a row! That has to be a record.

Thursday, August 18: Newsflash! Slight neck strain – I guess it’s a pinched nerve. All exercise has been cancelled until further notice. 7 pm update: Feeling better and can move my neck more with less pain. That could be just the meds though. Probably best to skip tonight’s planned workout and perhaps exercise in the morning.

Friday, August 19: My neck is still stiff, but it’s a lot better than yesterday morning. I’ve decided on a long slow and steady treadmill session which shouldn’t bother my neck. I’ll give upper body weights a break for a few days. One interesting result from yesterday’s missed workout is that the 12 days of exercise leading up to it really helped cement exercise as part of my day. I was actually quite disappointed that I couldn’t exercise yesterday. I am on vacation, so the time to exercise is there, but if I manage my time well enough, I hope to continue exercising most days throughout next semester and beyond to infinity. Having said that, despite my stiff neck, I felt fresher today because of the day off.

Back on my favorite treadmill for a decent 32-minute workout. No discomfort to speak of, and my neck felt better after the session. I felt confident enough to speed up near the end. I’m now having a wee reading and writing break before a little lower body weights. And that’s what a did, a nice short and sweet lower body workout: thighs, calves, hamstrings, inner thighs, and a little lower back.

Saturday, August 20: I spent 90 minutes in the gym today: 30 minutes reading, 45 minutes writing, 9 minutes running, and 6 minutes showering:

Sunday, August 21: No exercise.

Monday, August 22: A day off yesterday due to guitar lessons and a 90-minute presentation about cults. I feel better for the day off and am looking forward to hitting the gym later today for a serious workout! Legs, core, and traps. I decided to leave chest, shoulders, and triceps for another day. I ended my workout with 11.5 steep treadmill minutes:

Tuesday, August 23: I almost skipped the gym this evening after a long and quite draining 2-hour phone interview with a reporter about nasty Korean cults, but I forced myself to the gym, and the result was a decent cardio session:

Wednesday, August 24: I haven’t exercised yet, but I’m now in my gym. The plan is for some pre-exercise writing and reading…

Thursday, August 25: Just cardio today:

Friday, August 26: My shins are sore today – that’s what happens when I increase the pace – so I think I’ll give the treadmill a miss today and instead concentrate on weights. I’m already at the gym, but I have some writing to do before I hit those weights. Core, legs, back, biceps, traps, and forearms – everything except for chest, shoulders, and triceps!

Saturday, August 27: Back on my favorite treadmill:

Sunday, August 28: Enforced day off due to my gym being closed. I could have exercised at home, but I didn’t. Looking forward to feeling fresher in the morning for the day off and to exercising again, perhaps early in the morning because that’s a habit I want to cement for the coming semester.

Monday, August 29: back in the gym for a legs and core workout plus two short steep treadmill mini-session separated by an important phone that concerned cults!

Tuesday, August 30: A 34-minute treadmill session after lunch, and that could be the last cardio session of this record breaking month!

Wednesday, August 31: A pretty solid weights session to my best month ever in terms of total number of gym visits and cardio sessions! On this historic day, I exercised my chest, shoulders, traps, triceps, calves, and forearms.

Total Cardio Sessions: 24

Total Treadmill Minutes: 469

Days Without Exercise: 4