August 2017 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, August 1: August started well with 10 street kilometers and a late-night weights and cardio workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, sides, and abs. The cardio session was a steep 13-minutes. (Cumulative Total: 13)

Wednesday, August 2: Just a decent amount of walking today. Approx 10 kilometers, and it was hot.

Thursday, August 3: No gym because of work and the heat, but 11 street kilometers sufficed.

Friday, August 4: I walked 11.5 street kilometers and also completed an evening workout: back, lats, biceps, core, and a 15-minute cardio session. (Cumulative Total: 28)

Saturday, August 5: An early morning cardio session before a long and busy day that involved about 10 street kilometers if my app measured my steps accurately. I think it kind of did.  (Cumulative Total: 44)

Sunday, August 6: About 11 street kilometers in the later afternoon and evening.

Monday, August 7: No gym again, but I completed around 10 street kilometers.

Tuesday, August 8: Back in my favorite gym for weights (chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and core). I ended with a wee 10-minute treadmill session. I also walked a total of 9.5 kilometers throughout the day and night. (Cumulative Total: 54)

Wednesday, August 9: A decent legs workout was followed by a steep 13-minute treadmill session. I also walked about 9 kilometers throughout the day. It all adds up – I think. (Cumulative Total: 67)

Thursday, August 10: No gym, and a pretty awful nutrition day, but I did at least walk around 9.5 kilomters. I’m getting real good at walking.

Friday, August 11: No gym for this the last day of work for a few weeks, but I did manage to walk around 9 kilometers throughout the course of the day.

Saturday, August 12: A weights session on another hot day: back, lats, biceps, and core. The cardio session was another short and steep one – 13 whole minutes.  (Cumulative Total: 80)

Sunday, August 13: Another 10 kilometers walking around on my way to and from places for various reasons.

Monday, August 14: Weights: chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs plus another short and steep cardio session which lasted a total of 13 minutes. (Cumulative Total: 93)

Tuesday, August 15: A 14-minute morning cardio session because that’s all I had time for. (Cumulative Total: 107)

Wednesday, August 16: I walked approximately 14.5 kilometers according to my iPhone, and that sounds about right.

Thursday, August 17: Weights in the evening: lats, back, biceps, and core. A 16-minute steep treadmill session followed. (Cumulative Total: 123)

Friday, August 18: A legs workout was followed by 17 steepish treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 140)

Saturday, August 19: Thirty-seven morning treadmill minutes started the day and weekend. It felt good to complete a longer session, and I think the toenail problem that saw me cut back on the treadmill has been resolved. (Cumulative Total: 177)

Sunday, August 20:

Monday, August 21:

Tuesday, August 22:

Wednesday, August 23:

Thursday, August 24:

Friday, August 25:

Saturday, August 26:

Sunday, August 27:

Monday, August 28:

Tuesday, August 29:

Wednesday, August 30:

Thursday, August 31:


Total Cardio Sessions (Goal 18): 11

Total Treadmill Minutes (Goal 600): 177

Days Without Exercise (Goal 5):

Weekly Cardio Minutes: 44, 49, 84

Exercising Music: This month’s exercise music is drawn from the mind of Bear McCreary: Battlestar Galactica (BSG) Season 1, BSG Season 2, BSG Season 3, BSG: Razor, Defiance Season 1, Assassin’s Creed: Jack The Ripper, 10 Cloverfield Lane, BSG: The Plan, Moon Breakers, BSG Season 4, BSG: Daybreak, BSG: Blood & Chrome, Colossal,  Caprica: The Pilot, Caprica: The Series, Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2, Europa, Outlander Season 1,