August 2020 Fitness Diary!

Monday, August 3: I started the month with a 50-minute workout that for the first time since March, involved a treadmill session. Masks are still compulsory, but I found a mask that fells pretty comfortable and I felt it was time to get back on the treadmill even if it was just for eight minutes. The session went as follows: traps, calves, sides, lower abs, weightless squats, abs, the previously mentioned treadmill session, and then some more calves, legs, and sides.

Tuesday, August 4: I walked about 12 km instead of a gym session.

Wednesday, August 5: Fifty minutes of weights in the evening: traps, lats, back, biceps, forearms, calves, and sides.

Thursday, August 6: A sixty-five minute workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, another 8-minute treadmill session, weightless squats, leg extensions, and hamstiung curls.

Friday, August 7: I walked 19 km/27,800 steps, and that left me feeling pretty tired. As a result – well not really, I took the weekend off.

Monday, August 10: A 45-miute weights session late at night that included another 8 treadmill minutes: traps, lats, back, biceps, lower back, and calves.

Tuesday, August 11: My evening workout plan: traps (they aren’t sore from yesterday), chest, shoulders, triceps, sides, lower abs, abs, thighs, hamstring curls, forearms, and another short treadmill session.

Thursday, August 13:  Hiking day: 26.9 km/38.200 steps and 262 flights of stairs climbed with not one of those 38,200 steps on flat ground. I was less sore the next day than I had expected with some stiffness in my outer calves, thighs, and lower back/core a little from carrying my backpack all day.

Tuesday, August 18: I walked 12,000 steps today. I’m easing back into exercising after a bit of a right elbow infection again.

Wednesday, August 19: Back in the gym, but I gave my arms a rest: sides, lower abs, traps, calves, weightless squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and abs.

Thursday, August 20: Back on the treadmill for 14 minutes. That was followed by some stretches and just a couple of sets of calf raises.

Friday, August 21: An evening weights session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, abs, lower back, and forearms.

Saturday, August 22: A mixture of weights and cardio again: weightless squats, calves, leg extensions, hamstruing curls, sides, lower abs, back, lats, biceps, and 10 treadmill minutes. All up, that was about an hour.

Monday, August 24: I decided to walk instead of going to the gym. The final tally for the day was 12.8 km/17,800 steps.

Tuesday, August 25: I walked 9.1 kilometers/13,500 steps throughout the day, and I ended the day with a late-night 45-minute workout: chest, traps, shoulders, triceps, and lower back.

Wednesday, August 26: Today’s workout was 65 minutes long and it was a little different with more attention given to calves, legs, and sides. I also did some lower abs and upper abs. Another 8-minute treadmill session between those sets.

Friday, August 28: I got the sad news in the afternoon that Seoul gyms will close from Monday for at least a week, perhaps forever. So with today and tomorrow being my last two gym sessions for at least a week, I upped the intensity a little with a 60-minute weights session: traps, lats, back, calves, biceps, and forearms.

Saturday, August 29: Last gym session for a while, so I trained just that extra harder: chest, shoulders, triceps, 8-treadmill minutes, weightless squats, hamstrings, and leg extensions. All up, that was just over an hour again.

That was it for the month of August. My gym is closed for the first week of September at least, so that will provide some challenges.