December 2010 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, December 4: The first few days of December were spent trying to go to the gym, but I wasn’t successful until the 4th. I spent an hour in the gym exercising my upper back, traps, lats, biceps, sides, lower back and ab muscles. That was after 3.5 kilometers on the treadmill which included about 9 minutes jogging which was the first time I’ve tried running since injuring my calf muscle. It felt OK, but not quite 100%. More like 99%.

Sunday, December 5: I went to the pool behind homeplus for my first swim Halloween. A steady 1.3 kilometers (26 laps). I didn’t exert myself too much, but it sure felt good to be back in the water with my trusty and loyal SwiMP3:

Monday, December 6: I started the week on a great note with an early morning workout before class. Chest, shoulders, triceps, sides, abs, lower back and 3 kilometers on the treadmill. I’m jogging more now as opposed to walking fast up an incline.


December 7 – 14:

Wednesday, December 15: Back to the gym this morning to dust away the cobwebs formed over the past 9 days. A steady 3.5 kilometer jog followed by a light back, traps, lats, biceps, and abs workout. The intensity will maybe pick up tomorrow…

Friday, December 17: Four kilometers on the treadmill followed by a chest, shoulders, and triceps workout which left me with the sorest chest in months.

Sunday, December 19: A super-intense 30-minute workout in the morning: back, traps, lats, biceps, thighs, hamstrings, and calves. Tomorrow will be a day full of pain.

Monday, December 20: Indeed it was. I was too sore to exercise.

Tuesday, December 21: 3.5 kilometers on the treadmill followed by a pretty intense abs and lower back workout. The good news from tonights workout is that my calf, which I injured during the Hi-Seoul marathon, didn’t bother me at all while jogging. I think it’s 99.999999999 percent healed!

Thursday, December 23: A faster and longer run after class to test out my calves and shins:

Christmas Eve: A short sharp twenty-five minute workout at the gym: chest, shoulders, and triceps. My favorites.

Christmas Day: A slower and steeper treadmill session followed by a legs weights session followed by beef stew, some red wine, tons of cheese and bread, some short bread, and about twenty really rich little chocolates. I’m still full 18 hours later.

Sunday, December 26: Oops, I wanted to go for a swim and I made it to the swimming pool….. but it was closed. Drats. Instead, a light 35-minute walk from Keimyung subway station to home.

Monday, December 27: A really intense workout today consisting of a weights session (back, biceps, lats, traps, and forearms) and 3.5 kilometers on the treadmill:

Tuesday, December 28: A twenty-minute abs and core workout in the gym followed by a 2-hour trek in the snow:

Wednesday, December 29: Another 2-hour trek, this time I stopped for a 1.3 kilometer swim:

Thursday, December 30: Another swim today (1.2 kilometers) and another longish walk (about 90 minutes). And as far as cardio goes, that was it for the 2010!

Friday, December 31: I ended the year with a pure weights session: chest, shoulders, triceps, thighs, hamstrings, and calves.

Well I sure exercised a lot in 2010! I still weigh too much though, so my diet still needs attention. Perhaps that’ll improve in 2011, but perhaps not. I can motivate myself to exercise, but motivating myself to eat less is a different matter altogether.