December 2011 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, December 1: December began with a quick chest, shoulders, and triceps workout after work. With a presentation on cults to prepare for Saturday, my gym time was severely limited.

Monday, December 5: Back exercising after an enforced break due to that cult presentation which went well but left me exhausted! An intense and heart-pounding cardio workout between work and Korean class:

Tuesday, December 6:  A quick twenty-minute legs and core workout after work.

Wednesday, December 7: A quick twenty-minute back, lats, traps, and biceps workout that left me very very sore the next day.

Thursday, December : A rare pre-work workout saw testing my newish Vibram 5’s on the treadmill. Legs and feet felt great as I upped the speed to a decade high:

Saturday, December 10: Sixty-minutes in the gym which included my longest run for a very very long time (7 km) which was followed by a short chest, shoulders, triceps, and calves workout:

Sunday, December 11: A nice 1-kilometre swim before lunch with my trusty SwiMP3 playing some of my favourite John Williams:

Tuesday, December 13: Four quick kilometres on the treadmill that resulted in a sore Achilles tendon followed by a back, lats, traps, biceps, forearms, and abs workout. I guess it’s back to the lower speeds at an incline until my Achilles heals itself:

Thursday, December 15: Weights after work: back, biceps, lats, traps, and forearms,

Friday, December 16: Weights after work again: chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.

Saturday, December 17: 35 minutes on a spin bike to give my injured left ankle a break from the treadmill:

Sunday, December 18: A shorter but more intense swim (750 meters) because I had a train to catch:

Tuesday, December 20: To the gym after work again, this time for a longer session that involved weights (legs, back, biceps, lats, and traps) and a slower and steeper 4 kilometres on the treadmill while watching the end of Saving Private Ryan:

Thursday, December 22: I’m pretty sure I went to the gym after work. What else would I have done?

Saturday, Xmas Eve! Four treadmill kilometres followed by (I think) a chest, shoulders, triceps, and legs workout.

Monday, December 26: Four kilometres and a back and legs workout after work:

Wednesday, December 28: Another 4 kilometers after work (at a faster pace) followed by a chest, shoulders, and triceps workout:

 Saturday, December 31: Another 4 kilometres and a weight session (back, biceps, lower back, traps, lats, legs, and calves) to close out the month and the year.