July 2020 Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, July 1: No gym today, I reached my grading target earlier than expected, so I took the evening off and walked about 10 kilometers.

Friday, July 3: My first weights session of July and the summer vacation was shorter than I envisaged at 40 minutes, I think because of the heat and I think I was also just feeling drained after finally finishing all my grades. Anyway, I exercised my legs first: weightless squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and calf raises. Back, lats, and biceps were next, and that was it.

Saturday, July 4: Another 40-minute workout: traps, chest, shoulders, triceps, and a little lower abs.

Sunday, July 5: After watching a YouTuber challenging himself to walk 25,000 steps each day fro a week, I decided to do something similair – or at least walk more. I walked 16 kilometers, which was about 23,500 steps.

Monday, July 6: I slept in but still got in my planned morning workout before setting off on my three-day beach vacation: calves, weightless squats, hamstring curls, lower abs, sides, back, lats, biceps, forearms, and lower back. It was a pretty quick workout with almost no rest between the varius sets. I also hope to walk 10-15 kilometers tonight after I check in. I ended the day having walked 24,068 steps, which equates to 16.77 kilometers.

Tuesday, July 7: A set of 44 push-ups started the day, and then I walked for 1 hour 4 and 40 minutes which was according to my iPhone 10,445 steps and 6.78 kilometers. It’s now almost 1 p.m., and I think I’ll save the rest of my walking for the evening. Walking from my lunch venue to my afternoon cafe took me up to 8.5 kilometers. A long evening walk took me to 18.7 kilometers/26,973 steps.

Wednesday, July 8: No morning walk after a bit of a sleep in, and it’s too hot to go for a long work now during the early afternoon. Surprisingly, while walking to a nearby 3-storey cafe, my legs felt fine and full of energy. I’ll save a long walk until the late afternoon. I’m not sure I’ll walk as much as the last few days, but I’ll aim for at least 10 kilometers. I passed that quite easily. I’ve walked 13. 5 kilometers so far – and found a great beach in the process, and I’ll go out again and walk a few more later in the night. The final tally for the day was 16.4 km/24,452 steps.

Thursday, July 9: Less walking today (7.47 km/11,453 steps) plus a 45-minute gym session that wasn’t too strenuous: calf raises, weightless squats, hamstring curls, traps, chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Friday, July 10: Not sore at all from yesterday’s workout which isn’t really a surprise. Anyway, today’s workout was back, lats, biceps, forearms, and a little sides and lower abs. I think my back and biceps will be sore tomorrow.

Saturday, July 11: Just a quick 30 minutes of weights: calves, weightless squats, traps, chest, shoulders, lower abs, abs, and triceps.

Sunday, July 12: An afternoon and evening of walking split up by a couple of breaks in cafes spent reading and browsing the net. The final total was 15.65 km/25,260 steps.

Monday. July 13: A rare early afternoon workout: calves, weightless squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, lower abs, sides, and abs.

Tuesday, July 14: No gym today, but I walked 14.66 km/23.162 steps.

Wednesday, July 15: No gym again. I walked just over 10 km.

Thursday, July 16: An evening 70-minute gym session was my longest in a while and it left me feeling pretty tired afterwards: sides, lower abs, lower back, calves, weightless squats, hamstring curls, leg extensions, lats, back, biceps, forearms, abs, and a couple of sets of shrugs for my traps.

Friday, July 17: No gym, but I walked 15 kilometers, and I was pretty sore from last night’s workout.

Saturday, July 18: I started the day and the weekend with a morning 45-minute weights session: traps, chest, shoulder, and triceps. I varied my trap workout with some lying down extentions due to someone else using my favorite piece of equipment, and the result was pretty significant. A serious stiffness in a part of the muscle that isn’t normally stiff after my workouts. I need to include those in all future workouts. My traps are still a little stiff 48 hours later.

Sunday, July 19: Some more walking: 9.15 km/13,900 steps.

Monday, July 20: Thirty-five minutes of weights: calves, weightless squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, lower abs, abs, sides, and lower back.

Tuesday, July 21: No gym today, but some walking instead: 12.2 km/18,400 steps.

Wednesday July 22:  The plan is to change things up with full body workouts maybe 3-4 times a week and then walk 10-15 kilometers on the days between workouts. All plans change, but I thinK I am going to give this a try. I’ll just walk around a little to help lunch settle before tonight’s gym session. The resulting workout wasn’t completely a full-body one, but it was close, and it was my hardest workout in a while. Sixty-five minutes in total: calves, lower abs, a 55-second plank, traps, two sets of side extensions, lats, biceps, weightless squats, leg extensions, back, sit ups, hamstring curls, two sets of lower back extensions, a set of shoulder presses, and a set each of wrist curls and extensions. The day’s walking came in at 8 km/11,430 steps. 

Thursday, July 23: Heavy rain kept me exercising today. I had hoped to walk around 15 kilometers.

Friday, July 24: Well, I’ve scrapped the notion of full-body workouts, at least for the duration of the summer. I’m not averse to doing them occassionally. Today’s workout was 65-minutes long: four sets of relatively light calf raises and weightless squats were spread throughout the main workout: traps, chest, shoulders, triceps, and forearms.

Saturday, July 25: A home core workout in the evening: side raises, back extensions, sit ups, and a 1-minute plank.

Sunday, July 26: An afternoon spent walking again: 15.2 km/22,780 steps.

Monday, July 27: More walking instead of weight training: 10.6 km/15,500 steps.

Tuesday, July 28: I started the day with a set of 45 pushups. I skipped the gym again and walked a while instead: 14.46 km/21,700 steps.

Wednesday, July 29: Back in the gym for  a45-minute workout: traps, calves, weightless squats, leg extensions, lats, biceps, back, sides, lower back, and hastrings.

Friday, July 31: After a lazy day off, I ended the month with an 80-minute workout: traps, chest, shoulders, calves, weightless squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, sides, abs, triceps, forearms, and lower back extensions.