June 2019 Intermittent Fasting Diary!


Saturday June 1: The month started as last night’s fundraiser/party was winding up. As a result, my first fast begun at 1:30 a.m. it ended 14 hours and 12 minutes later with breakfast at home. I decided having a longer fast the day after a few drinks wasn’t in my best interests.

Saturday & Sunday (June 1 & 2): I had no more food on Saturday, and it’s now Sunday morning. My fast still has a while to go, but it’s currently at 13.5 hours and my plan before I next eat is to do some work in a cafe for a couple of hours over an Americano and then go to the gym for at least an hour. The Americano happened, but so did a latter a couple of hours later. That was consumed mainly because I had work to do that I wanted done before my gym session. My fast was at the 17-hour 18-minute mark when that latte was consumed. I started my gym session two hours later, and then broke my dirty fast just a few minutes shy of 21 hours.

Sunday/Monday (June 2 & 3): I just had a green tea later in the evening while I did some grading. It’s now 9:30 Monday morning, I’m at work, and I am seriously thinking of eating very soon. Breakfast, which broke a fast of 19.5 hours, was begun a little over an hour later.

Monday/Tuesday (June 3 & 4): The fasting clock began just before midday. 10 hours and 7 minutes later, I decided a protein drink was in order. I had just completed a late night gym session, and I was still feeling quite stiff from yesterday’s workout. This will then be considered another dirty fast. Breakfast was begun at home a little less than 20 hours after yesterday’s meal.

Tuesday/Wednesday (June 4 & 5): After that early breakfast, I had a snack around lunchtime, and then ate pizza and drank a little Coke with my music club students to mark the end of the semester. I didn’t eat a lot of pizza, so I had another little snack at 5 p.m. The fasting clock started at 5, but after an intense weights session, I again felt the need for a delicious protein shake. I had that at 8 p.m., and the fasting clock began again. I might aim for my longest fast tomorrow, perhaps even go the whole day without eating.  I called it quits are exactly 21 hours.

Wednesday/Thursday (June 5 & 6): Just the one meal was consumed, and my fast started at 6:09 p.m.. It’s now 10:30 a.m., I’m sipping on an Americano at my favorite local cafe, and my current fast is approaching 16.5 hours. I stopped by the gym before breaking a fast of 19 hours and 25 minutes.

Thursday/Friday (June 6 & 7): The fasting clock began at 2:01 p.m. and was stopped 19.5 hours later. That was a very easy fast.

Friday/Saturday (June 7 & 8): An usual day in terms of calories consumed. I had a protein shake after a noon weights session, a mocha a couple of hours later at my Korean class, a little white chocolate thing around 6, a green tea latte while waiting to meet my eldest sister and her husband, and then a beer with them around 9 p.m. So not a lot of solid food since before my gym session. A smaller breakfast followed in the morning. Since I didn’t consume much solid food yesterday, I didn’t bother with extending my fast throughout the morning.

Saturday/Sunday (June 8 & 9): After a spot of sightseeing, I had lunch at my favorite local cafe. At 2:30 p.m., I had a pre-gym protein bar, and the fasting clock started again. It’s now five hours later, and I’m just planning a quiet evening, so there is little chance of me breaking the fast before morning. I may have a smoothie before I leave in the morning at around 8:40, or I may not. I did and it was delicious.

Sunday/Monday (June 9 & 10): A light lunch followed after a walking tour around Seoul’s east gate. The fasting clock started just after 2 p.m. after an afternoon iced-latte and a few little snacks. It’s now 10 p.m., and I’m feeling quite hungry, but I think I can resist until tomorrow morning. I did resist, and breakfast at home broke a fast of 18 hours and 46 minutes.

Monday/Tuesday (June 10 & 11): I finished eating for the day at 12:27 p.m. It’s now 8.5 hours later, and I’m having a rare late Americano in a 24-hour cafe because I have a lot of work to do. Two hours later, and I’m still not particularly hungry. The ensuing 20 hour and 13 minute fast was quite an easy one, and I wasn’t even particularly hungry when I broke it.

Tuesday/Wednesday (June 11 & 12): The fast clock began at 10 a.m., but nine hours later, I decided having dinner wasn’t a terrible idea. I then snacked at night, too. A day can’t do much harm right? I did go to the gym Wednesday morning.

Wednesday/Thursday (June 12 & 13): The fasting clock began again at 12:29 p.m., right after lunch and a coffee with my big sister. I’m hoping this fast will be a particularly long one to make up for yesterday’s tardiness. It’s 9 hours later, and I’m confident I’m back on track. I’m sitting in a cafe about to do some work and sipping on a green tea. I’m not feeling particularly hungry. Breakfast was had in the morning at home, breaking an easy 20.5 hour fast.

Thursday/Friday (June 13 & 14): A little more food throughout the day, and the day’s consumption ended with a pizza, chicken, and Coke party for my Thursday evening students to mark the end of the semester. Friday’s consumption of food began with a protein bar on the bus on the way back from the DMZ. The fast was a shorter one at 16 hours and 43 minutes.

Friday/Saturday (June 14 & 15): Lunch wasn’t that large or filling. That was going to be it for the day, but just before bed, I decided I needed to eat. I had walked about 11 kilometers and went to the gym for some weights, so I felt the late-night meal was justified and needed. The fast began at 11:36 p.m., and in all honesty, this probably won’t be a particularly long one. Breakfast was begun at 4 p.m., and broke a fast of 16 hours and 21 minutes.

Saturday/Sunday (June 15 & 16): A green tea latte and a protein bar served as my dessert for today’s only meal, and the fasting clock started at 4:48 p.m. Breakfast was begun 19 hours and 48 minutes later.

Sunday/Monday (June 16 & 17): Nine hours after I finished breakfast, I’m sipping on a green tea in a cafe, and I’m feeling good. I may exercise in the morning before breakfast. We’ll see. I’ll certainly be going to the gym at some point tomorrow. I didn’t exercise before breakfast, but I did a few errands and walked just over four kilometers before breakfast broke a fast of 21.5 hours, my second longest of the month.

Monday/Tuesday (June 17 & 18): The fasting clock started at about 12:30 p.m., but after an intense weights session in the evening, I decided to have dinner. And that dinner was a healthy one and consisted of toast with avocado, a fried egg, cheese, tomatoes, and some greens. I also had another protein bar. The fasting clock then started for real at 8:42 p.m. It’s now 16 hours later, and I’m feeling good. A light breakfast was begun at 4:15, and it broke a fast of 19.5 hours.

Tuesday & Wednesday (June 18 & 19): The plan is to eat a larger meal after a gym session. All that came to pass as prophesied, and the fasting clock began again at 7:57 p.m. I prefer starting my fats much earlier, but it’s also nice to have some variation and that helps remind me that flexibility is really the key to maintaining this. And that brings me to my next announcement. I started this journey on June 19, 2018. I can’t really believe it’s been a year. It seems tedious to start fasting every day and to always have my mind on or not too far away from how long it’s been since I’ve eaten, but it’s actually been an easy, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. My body has certainly changed for the better as a result, and I feel much healthier, fitter, and stronger. Back to the moment, and my fast is currently at 14.25 hours. My very first fast was 15 hours and 11 minutes – I have to at least surpass that today! Mission accomplished. Today’s fast ended after 19 hours and 37.

Wednesday & Thursday (June 19 & 20): It was going to be a one-meal day, but a friend invited me out in the evening, and we ended up having a beer each and then some food. I had more food a little later with the aim to perhaps not eat tomorrow at all. My fast started at 11:16 p.m. It’s now 14 hours later, and I don’t think I’ll go the rest of the day without eating. It’s now just on 17 hours, and I’m feeling quite hungry. Dinner, or rather breakfast, was begun about an hour later.

Thursday & Friday (June 20 & 21): That was my only meal of the day, and the fasting clock began as soon as that last mouthful went down the hatch, which was at 5:45 p.m. Breakfast was begun in a Starbucks 18 hours and three minutes later.

Friday & Saturday (June 21 & 22): I had some more food when I got home, and then had a mocha a little later and then the fasting clock started at 5:26. Breakfast Saturday morning was a little earlier than I had planned, but I can live with that.

Saturday & Sunday (June 22 & 23): My band played  a two-hour set on Saturday night, so today’s a good day to skip fasting. I had dinner around 5 p.m. after about 50 minutes of weights. Some beers followed before, during, and after our performance, and some pizza was consumed around 2 a.m. Breakfast on Sunday ended a mini-fast of just over 11 hours. 

Sunday & Monday (June 23 & 24): The fasting clock began right at 2 p.m., and it’s now 21 hours and I’m sipping on an Americano at a local Starbucks. I don’t feel particularly hungry, but I think I’ll eat soon. 90 minutes later, and I’m still feeling fine. It is, however, hard to get food off my mind. I could eat very soon, or I could do a few errands first. Either way, it’s my longest fast of the month so far. Part of me thinks I should make it one of the longest ever, but part of me wants pancakes now. I ended up delaying breakfast until 25 hours and 40 minutes had passed. I felt fine, too. I think I’m ready to try a longer fast soon.  My fast, by the way, was broken by an amazing bacon and avocado burger.

Monday & Tuesday (June 24 & 25): A little less than an hour later, I’m sipping on a green tea latte, and the calories contained within will be the last consumed today. The fasting clock began again; this time at 4:31 p.m. Nineteen hours later, I broke my fast at home with my usual home breakfast of granola with nuts, fruit, milk, and yogurt; a coffee; and a protein bar. I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, but I have things to do, and once I started eating the appetite returned.

Tuesday & Wednesday (June 25 & 26): I had a green tea latte a little late while I wrapped up some work, and then the fasting clock started at 12:51 p.m. It’s now almost 9:30 p.m., and I’m struggling a little. I exercised earlier, and there’s a chocolate protein bar in my bag that wants to be eaten. Maybe I can resist. It’s now after midnight, and I’m feeling less hungry. Almost bed time, so I think my fast is safe until breakfast. Once again, I felt less hungry upon awaking; however, it was still time to eat. A banana smoothie with a touch of protein powder broke a fast just a few minutes short of 20 hours.

Wednesday & Thursday (June 26 & 27): Lunch was later than usual, and it was completed at exactly 4:27 p.m. 19 hours and 45 minutes later, and I’m at work sipping on an Americano and watching YouTube videos about guitar pedals. A busy afternoon saw me complete another 24-hour fast, and I completed it quite easily.

Thursday & Friday (June 27 & 28): Dinner was Mexican food with a friend. The fasting clock began at 7:35 p.m. Breakfast Friday broke a shorter fast of 16 hours and 16 minutes. I was hungry, but I had breakfast mainly because it was a convenient time to eat given today’s schedule and circumstances.

Friday & Saturday (June 28 & 29): The fast clock began at 12:11 p.m. That may be too early,  but we’ll see. I do plan a gym session a little after 7 p.m. That’ll probably leave me feeling hungry. Just before that weights session, at 7:23, I decided a protein shake was in order. Knowing I had that extra protein in my system helped me to workout harder. It’s now 12:31 a.m., my “dirty fast” is past the 12-hour mark, and I don’t feel hungry at all. I have an errand to run in the morning, and then I want to look at some guitar pedals. The plan is to have breakfast when those are done. Well, that didn’t happen at all. I woke up after about an hour of sleep. Perhaps because of the hotter weather, that harder weights session, both, or maybe it was just a weak moment, but I started eating at 1:30 a.m. It was 2:11 a.m. when I stopped. I didn’t eat too much, just the equivalent of a normal meal, and perhaps I needed the food. Anyway, that was too much fun. The resulting fast 13:32 minutes.

Saturday & Sunday (June 29 & 30): It’s now 10.5 hours later, and I feel like I’m back on track. The plan is to later do some cardio before my next meal at around 6:30 p.m. or 7. Well, I ended up eating at around 2 p.m. I did get that cardio session in though, and then the fasting clock began again at 6:30 p.m. It’s now almost 11 a.m., and it feels good to be passed 16 hours again. After 17 hours and 20 minutes, I decided that was enough for the month.

Sunday, June 30: Breakfast was finished at 12:45 p.m., and the fasting clock began again.  Seven hours later, and I was tempted to order a latte,  but I went for a green tea instead. I have a book to finish and Korean and music to study. June ended without me consuming any more calories.

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Average Fast: 19:04