March 2016 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, March 1: A cardio session in the early afternoon on this the last day of the winter vacation – is date on photo wrong?

Thursday, March 3: Another light workout followed by a short but sweet cardio session (16 minutes). The weights part of my workout consisted of back, lats, biceps, forearms, calves, sides, abs, and lower back:

Friday, March 4: Another cardio session. Not too long because I had plans, but not too shabby either:

Saturday, March 5: A 50-minute weights session in the early evening: chest, shoulders, triceps (elbow is still a little sore), traps, thighs, hamstrings, calves, inner thighs, sides, abs, lower back, and forearms. Some of those body parts didn’t receive too rigorous workouts, but it felt good to get them moving as I’m still not feeling back to full strength after last month’s hospital stay.

Monday, March 7: Ten minutes on one treadmill and then 26 on its neighbor:

Wednesday, March 9: I had a weights session planned all day, but when I arrived at the gym around 9 pm, I instead jumped on the treadmill and listened to music by Jerry Goldsmith for exactly 36 minutes:

Friday, March 11: A cardio session before band practice:

Saturday, March 12: A morning hike (climb is a better word).

Sunday, March 13: Once again, I ditched my plans for a weights session and, despite some stiffness from yesterday’s hike, I jumped on one of my favorite treadmills where I remained for 40 minutes:

Thursday, March 17: Back in the gym after a hectic four days. No time at all over the past few days to exercise. I regret that, but sometimes things come up, and something rather big came up:

Saturday, March 26: Back in the gym (hopefully – I’m writing this the day before) after long break due to a cold/flu and extreme business with lots to do at work and with regards to my non-exercise related hobbies and interests.  I did indeed make it to the gym for a light back, biceps, lower back, lats, sides, abs, calves, hamstrings, forearms, and thigh workout.

Nothing too serious, but it felt good to work those muscles again. The good news is the resulting soreness from the elbow infection that put me in hospital for a week last month is all gone. My gym’s closed tomorrow, but I anticipate going back to work Monday night for weights and cardio.

Monday, March 28: I almost didn’t make it to the gym, but luckily, I had to walk past my gym on the way home, and that’s what saved me. Not a workout that would have impressed Arnold, but I’m glad I made it inside. Just weights as I was tired and eager to get home to watch The Walking Dead: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and one set of side raises.

Tuesday, March 29: Thirty minutes of cardio! I didn’t know it at the time, but that was to be my last workout for the month. Must do better in April.