May 2010 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, May 1: A slow 15 km jog this morning taking a route that a few months ago I never imagined I could jog:

Thanks to for making such a cool iphone app.

Sunday, May 2: It felt great to be swimming again with my SwimP3 for the first time in a few weeks. 1.6 km (32 laps) I had planned to do more, but after yesterday’s run I figured 1.6 would do:

Monday, May 3: Twenty minutes of abs in the morning watching the new Doctor Who.

Wednesday, May 5 (Children’s Day): A most welcome day off saw me in the gym from around 10:30 for a 55-minute workout. I left my locker key at home which resulted in my running shoes and skipping rope being inaccessible ruling out my planned cardio workout. That just left weights and while I felt pretty unmotivated I managed to work a lot of muscle groups, those being: back, lats, traps, biceps, forearms, sides, abs, lower back, hamstrings, groin, and calves. Later back home I rode 20 km on my exercise bike while watching the latest episode of V:

Thursday, May 6: Back in the gym this morning for a chest, shoulders, and triceps workout followed by 2.5 km on the threadmill and 2 skipping sets of 100 and 120 jumps:

Saturday, May 8: I started the weekend well with 70 minutes of cardio and abs in the gym this morning on an empty stomach. 4.5 km on the treadmill, 20 minutes of abs (leg raises, side raises, sit-ups, and planks) and 3 skipping sets of 150, 150, and 80 jumps.

Sunday, May 9: I jogged to the swimming pool behind HomePlus (6.8 km according to MapMyRun) and then swam 1.7 km!

Monday, May 10: A rare evening gym session resulted in a very intense 35-minute back, traps, lats, biceps, hamstrings, groin, calves and lower back workout. Possibly the hardest I’ve ever worked my back muscles. I really felt my body needed the super strong protein shake I guzzled down when I arrived back home. And it tasted good.

Wednesday, May 12: Twenty minutes of abs in the morning and later in the day 20 km on my exercise bike and a home chest, shoulders, and triceps workout:

Saturday, May 15: Twenty km on my exercise bike pretty early in the morning while watching the classic original Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever.”

Sunday, May 16: Thirty minutes of abs in the evening that left them very sore the next day.

Monday, May 17:  Arrived at the gym at 7:45 a.m. for a pretty intense 70-minute workout invlolving back, biceps, traps, lats, forearms, lower back, hamstrings, inner thighs, calves, and 2.5 km on the treadmill. Nice way to start the week…

Tuesday, May 18: I walked to work in the rain:

Thursday, May 20: A very fast 20km on my exercise bike in the morning. Twenty-seven minutes, my second fastest time ever I think. Later in the evening I popped into the gym for a short but intense chest, shoulders, and triceps workout. In between I took delivery of my new computer. Productive day!

Saturday, May 22: Another relatively short gym session today without a cardio workout on account of me leaving my locker key at home, my locker contains my running shoes. Just weights today then, well I shouldn’t say “just” weights because it was a pretty intense workout. Back, traps, lats, biceps, lower back, hamstrings, inner thighs, and calves.

Sunday, May 23: Thirty minutes of abs early in the morning watching another classic original series Star Trek episode and a little later off to the pool behind homeplus for a 1.7 km swim (34 laps):

Wednesday, May 26: Twenty kms on my exercise bike in the morning and later in the day a short chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs workout at home:

Thursday, May 27: A 5km run on the treadmill in the morning and back to the gym later in the day for a back, traps, lats, biceps, calves, and hamstrings workout:

Saturday, May 29: Forty minutes of abs in the morning followed by 80 minutes in the gym while my cleaning lady was earning her keep. A solid chest, shoulders, trcieps, and forearm workout with 3 steep on the treadmill to end the day’s exercise:

Sunday, May 30: Twenty km on my exercise bike to wrap up the month: