May 2015 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, May 2:  Although I’m as of today officially in half-marathon training mode, I began the month with a weights session as I decided to give the toe I cut ten days ago a little more time to heal before I put it into one of my smelly and dirty running shoes. What it lacked in cardio, my 65-minute workout made up for in sheer power and intense muscular exertion: chest and triceps (30 minutes) abs and sides (15 minutes), shoulders (15 minutes), traps (7 minutes), and stretching (8 minutes).

Sunday, May 3: Back on a treadmill today for a 30-minute session. Most of it was walking (quite quickly) up an incline, but I finished with a 16.7 kilometer sprint to the 500 calorie finish line. I concluded the workout with a 20-minute legs weights session:

Monday, May 4:  Back and abs day! Biceps, lats, back, forearm (the inner muscle whatever that’s called), sides, and lower back. 

Tuesday, May 5: Back in half-marathon training mode today with a 45- minute treadmill session followed by a wee legs workout. Here’s the proof:

Wednesday, May 6: A solid weights session tonight: chest, triceps, lower abs, calves, shoulders, traps, and some stretching of my legs. 

Thursday, May 7: Today’s cardio session was cut short at the 36-minute mark due to a cramp in my left thigh. I thought for a while there I might have torn it, but it felt fine within a few minutes. I was tempted to get back on the treadmill, but I realised it’s better to be safe than sore:

Friday, May 8: My left thigh still felt a little stiff, so I skipped the cardio and instead lifted plenty of weights: lats, back, biceps, forearms, lower back, and a wee bit of stretching.

Saturday, May 9: On the cross trainer today to give my slightly stiff left lower thigh muscle a gentler workout. After Earth was playing on my machine’s TV, and it looked pretty good! It at least helped pass the time:

Sunday, May 10: A lighter wet session after band practice: lower abs, sides, lower back, and calves.

Monday, May 11: Back on the cross trainer for a 66-minute workout:

Tuesday, May 12: I was tempted to skip today’s workout, but I conquered that temptation. The result was a pretty solid chest, triceps, shoulders, and triceps.

Thursday, May 14: Back on my favourite treadmill for a late-night cardio session:

Friday, May 16: Back, biceps, traps, lower back, and calves.

Saturday, May 17: A 70-minute cross trainer session. Here’s proof! – Oops, wrong date on the photo:

Sunday, May 18: I was a little pushed for time, so just a quick chest, shoulders, triceps, lats, thighs, hamstrings, and calves workout. About 30 minutes in total. I probably won’t be sore tomorrow, but I’m glad I got that workout in.

Tuesday, May 19: Back on my favourite treadmill for a late-night 4.5-kilometer session:

Wednesday, May 20: A 30-minute legs workout after my evening lesson.

Thursday, May 21: A 50-minute treadmill session. That half marathon next month is unfortunately getting closer day by day.

Saturday, May 23: A short unenthusiastic back, biceps, and forearms workout. My heart and mind just weren’t in it today.

Sunday, May 24: A shorter, steeper workout due to a lot of busyness and crazy events. I’m glad I got the workout in though as I was very tempted to give it a miss.

Monday, May 25: Another short and steep cardio workout:

Tuesday,  May 26: Pushed for time (and sleep), I only had time for a 30-minute chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps workout.

Friday, May 29: Another shortish, steep cardio workout. Crazy days, but I’m trying to stay as active as possible.

Saturday, May 30: A short and not all that intense back, lats, and biceps workout followed by another short, steep treadmill session: