October 2011 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, October 1: My month and weekend started well with a solid back, traps, lats, biceps, calves, and lower back workout followed by 4.5 quite steep kilometres on the treadmill:

Sunday, October 2: A nice 1.5-kilometre swim (the first 1.1 without stopping) after some heavy duty Korean study at Starbucks:

Tuesday, October 4: I started this shorter working week (Monday was a holiday) with a pure cardio session early in the morning before work. Six steep kilometres in total:

Wednesday. October 5: I felt a sore throat coming in the afternoon, but I felt well enough to go to the gym straight after work for a short, sharp chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.

Sunday, October 9: Back exercising after field trip for internationsl students and my recent sore throat. A very nice relaxing non-stop 1.5 kilometre swim with my trusty but not-at-all-rusty SwiMP3 player:

Monday, October 10:

Tuesday, October 11: A short 25-minute workout after work before returning to work for some unexpected overtime No cardio today, just weights: chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Wednesday, October 12: Another short workout and the beginnings of another sore throat so nothing too heavy today, just a core (abs, sides, and lower back) workout with a couple of sets of calf raises at the end.

Saturday, October 15: I’m not sure if this counts, but I walked for about 2.5 hours after leaving the Asia Song Festival a little early.

Sunday, October 16: Back in the pool for my weekly swim. 1,300 meters in total which is a little less than previous weeks, but that’s OK considering I’m a year older than I was last week. And then also some walking in the evening. About 90 minutes worth.

Monday, October 17: A quick back workout before Korean class.

Tuesday, October 18: Five kilometres on the treadmill and a few brief sets of calf raises.

Thursday, October 20: Another 5 kilometres on the treadmill:

Friday, October 21: I walked to the East Gate in the morning to fetch my bicycle if that counts as exercise. And then after work I visited the gym for a quick twenty-minute chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.

Saturday, October 22: 35 minutes on an exercise bike early in the morning at the Keimyung College gym.

Tuesday, October 25: A short weights session immediately after work: back, lats, biceps, traps, and abs.

Wednesday, October 26: Another short workout between work and the Jazz Big Band Volcano concert at the Keimyung Art Centre which was amazing! Chest, shoulders, triceps, forearms, lowerback, sides, and abs.

Thursday, October 27: Back on the treadmill for a steep and sweaty 5 kilometres:

Saturday, October 29: A lot of walking in Seoul if that counts. A lot of junk food too, so maybe it doesn’t count.

Sunday, October 30: Back in the pool after a two week absence for a nice steady 1.2-kilometre swim:

And that’s it for another month…