St Patrick’s Day in Seoul!

   A big thank you to the Irish Association of Korea for allowing my band to partake in Saturday’s musical festivities by Shindorim Station. It was the most fun I’ve ever had playing music, and we really gelled as a band after practicing like crazy to get ready despite all our different schedules, Maggie’s overseas business trip, and Tim’s move to the coast. We also played the night before and later that night, making for one of my busiest and musicest weekends ever! The icing on the cake was me winning third prize in the raffle which is a dinner for two at the Sheraton Hotel.  🙂

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Performance at Nakwon!

The first Nakwon Supporters program ended memorably with a short performance on Nakwon’s 4th-floor outdoor stage on Saturday, June 18. In attendance was a film crew from KBS TV who were recording for a documentary that will air on the evening of July 10. Stardom and fame, here we come! 😀  Continue reading “Performance at Nakwon!”

Busking at Insadong by Nakwon Music Mall

I have always enjoyed watching buskers perform, and I have been fortunate enough over the years to have seen some amazing musicians, magicians, and performers – plus a few real weirdos of course – just by walking down the right (or wrong) street at the right (or wrong) time.

Even when their performances weren’t exactly in line with my musical tastes, I respected the fact that they had the courage to share with complete and sometimes totally disinterested strangers the things they love doing. Regardless of the presence or absence of skills and talents, I was always envious of them and often imagined myself standing in their place, drawing a generous and huge crowd. Continue reading “Busking at Insadong by Nakwon Music Mall”

Musical Memories 2: Nakwon

A Music

I was living in Daegu in 2005 when I first heard about Nakwon Music Mall. After a 13-year break from regularly playing guitar due to a repetitive strain injury, I decided it was time to try again as the simple joy of playing music had been missing from my life for far too long. My quest for a new guitar started in Daegu but ended in failure, so I asked a musical friend about music stores in Seoul. “You should go to Nakwon” was her helpful reply. And so I did.

2016-05-18 18.38.55

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Rolling In The Rain at COEX!

Open Dorm Concert! November 5, 2015

November 5 was a really special and memorable night. It was one of  those nights I feel lucky to be living my rather abnormal life. I love it when two of my interests converge, and that’s exactly what happened on November 5.

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Songs for Hye-song & Escape to Despair

Escape To Despair: Stories of North Koreans Living in South Korea

A very big thank you to Lee Tae-hoon, founder of The Korea Observer, for inviting myself and my fellow band members to perform a few songs for brave Kim Hye-song. Never could I have imagined my two passions in life (music and totalitarian regimes/cults) could ever combine in the form of such an unforgettable experience. Below is Hye-song sharing her story. If you can watch it and not cry, there is something seriously wrong with you:

The event came together very quickly and quite frantically with a phone call from Mr. Lee late one recent Friday afternoon asking if we (my band) were available to perform at some point over the weekend. Continue reading “Songs for Hye-song & Escape to Despair”

Peter’s Band: The Third Concert!

Our third gig was sadly Darrell’s farewell party. However, there is a chance he’ll perform with us again before he leaves, and I’m pretty sure that gig – if it goes ahead – will be recorded and YouTubed for our fan. To honor Darrell, we hastily put together some new songs. We performed three songs for our first gig, and now we’re up to 13! But perhaps we put the new songs together a little too hastily given the mistakes committed by my band mates. Finally, I need a bigger amp.

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