August 2014 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, August 2: August’s fitness campaign began with a bang with a 2-hour workout: back, biceps, traps, lats, lower back, calves (340 reps), some stretching, and 30 kilometers on one of the gym’s seated exercise bikes. That will be my cardio machine of choice until my slightly strained right calf muscle heals. It’s strange that calf raises don’t seem to work the part of the muscle (outer side) that is ever so slightly strained at present.

Sunday, August 3: Just a whole lot of walking if that counts.

Monday, August 4: Another long seated exercise bike cardio session followed by a sides workout:


Tuesday, August 5: Legs, abs, and as a result of that legs workout, a shorter seated exercise bike session:

Wednesday, August 6: Chest, shoulders, triceps, lower back, and calves.
Friday, August 8: An hour of cardio in the seated exercise bike contraption thing:

Saturday, August 9: Legs and lower back.

Monday, August 11: My regular back workout: back, biceps, lats, and traps.

Wednesday, August 13: Just time for a 30-minute chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.

Friday, August 15: Back on the treadmill for the first time since straining my right calf again. Nothing too fancy: just a gentle 30-minute up hill trek. Before that, a pretty intense back, biceps, traps, lats, and biceps workout:

 photo 20140815_zps31f74dbb.jpg

Saturday, August 16: A two-hour workout! And overall a very different kind of workout because they say you need to mix things up. I started with 25 minutes of abs: sides, lower abs, and upper abs. Next up was a 35-minute cardio session on the seated bike thingy. Last, a mammoth calves, lower back, and forearms workout. The calves workout involved 530 calf raises and a few sets of seated calf raises on a makeshift calf machine that I invented.

 photo 20140816a_zps205caf5b.jpg

Monday, August 18: Legs, except for calves which are still sore from last Saturday’s effort.
Tuesday, August 19: Chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps.
Wednesday, August 20: Abs, lower abs, sides, one set of lower back extensions, and a 45-minute cardio session:

 Thursday, August 21: A pretty intense and different workout today. No cardio per se, but workout sure got my heart rate up: lats, back, biceps, hamstrings, forearms, lower back, and calves.

Sunday, August 24: Legs preceded by a warm-up 30-minute uphill cardio session. I felt a twinge that shouldn’t be there in my right calf again while on the treadmill.

Monday August 25: I only had time for a 30-minute workout today, but I think I used the time well with an intense chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps workout. And I renewed my gym membership for another year.

Tuesday, August 26: Core and cardio:

Thursday, August 28: Back, biceps, lats, hamstrings, and forearms.
Friday, August 29: Chest, shoulders, traps, and triceps.
Saturday, August 30: Just a core workout to end the month of August.