Day at the Beach

I have really fond memories of playing “Day at the Beach” from Joe Satriani’s 1989 opus Flying in a Blue Dream at my high school’s musical variety night way back in 1990. Sadly, that was the end of my professional career because about a year later I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and had to stop playing regularly. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury due to the repetitive use of muscles in the hand. It is sadly quite common amongst musicians, particularly pianists and violinists.

I haven’t played very much since then, but I recently bought a new guitar to see if my hand was up to playing again. I’m too busy to play as much as I used to, so I think my hand will be fine. Fingers crossed.  This was one the first pieces I wanted to revisit. Although I’m still pretty rusty in this video, I was surprised at how easily my fingers seemed to remember this piece.