Open Dorm Concert! November 5, 2015

November 5 was a really special and memorable night. It was one of  those nights I feel lucky to be living my rather abnormal life. I love it when two of my interests converge, and that’s exactly what happened on November 5.

Ji-min, a former student of mine, sent me a really professional and polite email (back in June) asking if my band, now called 2Much, would play at the annual Open Dorm event in November. One of the classes I teach is a writing class that touches upon writing emails, so it was just wonderful to read her professional and polite email invitation. I could just tell that she had spent ages working on it and the numerous follow-up emails. Each email she sent was, in addition to being polite and professional, clear and informative. As a teacher, they were an absolute joy to read. It was also really interesting (and surprising) to see how much organisation, planning, and hard work went into the event. Poor Ji-min looked exhausted whenever I would bump into her on campus in the months and weeks leading up to the event. Plus, of course, it was nice to be asked to perform.

For several months our band consisted of only myself, Ian, and Maggie. Last night (March 12, 2016), two new and very awesome musicians, a percussionist and a guitarist/singer, joined our ranks. Their addition may mean our trio days are behind us or at least limited. Hence, this reminiscing post.

Looking back, the Open Dorm event was definitely the highlight of our trio days – although Maggie and Ian may disagree as the night we played for their mothers, who both happened to be visiting Korea at the same time, was pretty special as well. Now, if my mother had been present, perhaps I would feel differently.

Thank you Ji-min for all your hard work to make the night so memorable and enjoyable. Your diligent efforts helped create one of my fondest memories of working at our uni. It is because of students like you that I enjoy my job so much. You’re the best!