My Exercise Bike!

In April I took a gamble. Knowing full well my history of not using fitness equipment that I buy. You can see my not-so-often-used cross trainer in the background; I buy quite a lot of exercise equipment. The gamble was to buy one more, and I splashed out on an exercise bike.

The idea came from reading┬áthe Stephen King┬ánovella Stationary Bike, which is what I gather Americans call exercise bikes. Continue reading “My Exercise Bike!”

The 2009 Dokdo Marathon!

Last June, I took part in the Dokdo Marathon at Jamsil Stadium with my friend, Chuck. It really was a fun experience, especially starting and finishing at the Olympic Stadium. I ran a few 10 and 12 kilometer races while living in Japan in 2001 and 2002, but I hadn’t participated in a “marathon” since then. Continue reading “The 2009 Dokdo Marathon!”