January 2017 Fitness Diary!

My goal for the year is to weigh X kilograms by the end of 2017. That will require a monthly weight loss of 1.1 kilograms. That is an achievable goal if I increase treadmill minutes, exercise regularly, AND watch what I eat. Put like that, it sounds so easy! The exercise part won’t be a problem. And I do always watch what I eat, I just don’t “watch” what I eat. That’s the trick.

Sunday, January 1: A rest to start the year after a fun night performing music. My gym was closed anyway.

Monday, January 2: Sixty and three treadmill minutes to begin the year. (Cumulative Total: 63)

Tuesday, January 3: Twenty-one treadmill minutes over two short sessions separated by a wee weights session: back, lats, biceps, and calves to a lesser extent. (Cumulative Total: 84)

Wednesday, January 4: Twenty-seven treadmill minutes and then 12 more after a short Facebook break. (Cumulative Total: 123)

Thursday, January 5: Sad to report to the other person who reads this besides me that I won’t be making it to the gym today.

Friday, January 6: Thirty-one treadmill minutes and then, after a wee reading break, 11 more. I had envisaged more, but time was not on my side. (Cumulative Total: 165)

Saturday, January 7: Thirteen warmup treadmill minutes before weights: chest, shoulders, traps, triceps, calves, and core. Finally, 16 more treadmill minutes to end an impressive workout. (Cumulative Total: 194)

Sunday, January 8: Twenty-eight treadmill minutes while watching Penny Dreadful. And then another 13 after a short break. (Cumulative Total: 235)

Monday, January 9: Twenty-three and nine treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 267)

Tuesday, January 10: Weights to begin: back, lats, biceps, calves, lower back, thighs, and hamstrings, although the hamstring workout was cut short by a cramp that I initially thought was a muscle tear. Then after some stretching because of that cramp, a short 12-minute treadmill session. That was another I-don’t-want-t0-be-here workout. (Cumulative Total: 279)

Wednesday, January 11: Forty-two sweaty treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 321)

Thursday, January 12: I can’t call today a rest day as I left home at 8 am and was busy until I returned at 10:30 pm, but alas, I still have to classify today as a zero exercise day. Odd then that I woke up in the middle of the night with a killer calf cramp.

Friday, January 13: Another 42 treadmill minutes to end a very busy working week. (Cumulative Total: 363)

Saturday, January 14: Weights first: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and a little calves. Then, I hopped on of my favorite treadmills and used it for 38 minutes. I used the same treadmill I used yesterday which I’m sure is calibrated differently from the several I usually use. A short leg stretch ended the workout.  (Cumulative Total: 401)

Sunday, January 15: I decided to give myself a deserved and guilt-free day off.

Monday, January 16: Too busy and too tired to exercise today. I must make sure that doesn’t happen too often. If sleep comes early tonight, I just may consider an early morning workout tomorrow…

Tuesday, January 17: Sadly, no time for the gym again today.

Wednesday, January 18: A short 23-minute treadmill session which I was grateful for during this my busiest week of the year.  (Cumulative Total: 424)

Thursday, January 19: No time again due to work and band practice.

Friday, January 20: No time again due to the last day of classes and the usual post-camp food and extras. 

Saturday, January 21: Back to work with a very short 13-minute cardio warmup ahead of a weights session: biceps, calves, thighs, hamstrings, lower back, and to a lesser extent lats and back. (Cumulative Total: 437)

Sunday, January 22: To meet this month’s treadmill goal of 750 minutes, so from today, I need to spend 35 minutes a day on one of my trusty treadmills. I knocked over 27 of those minutes and then treated my shoulders and traps to a grueling workout. After  a short reading break, I completed 21 more minutes putting me slightly ahead of schedule. (Cumulative Total: 485)

Monday, January 23: I added another 44 to my running total of treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 529)

Tuesday, January 24: No exercise and a lot of junk food. Total disaster.

Wednesday, January 25: A stiff neck stopped me from exercising today. Alas and drats.

Thursday, January 26: Seventy treadmill minutes over three sessions. (Cumulative Total: 599)

Friday, January 27: Forty-one and 13 treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 653)

Saturday, January 28: Every gym in the country is closed today.

Sunday, January, 29: Twenty two and 27 treadmill minutes in a different gym as my gym was sadly closed. It was a nice change though to workout in a different environment.(Cumulative Total: 702)

Monday, January 30: A 22-minute treadmill session was followed by a wee weights session: back, lats, biceps, lower back, calves, thighs, and hamstrings. And that was followed by a 14-minute treadmill session which was followed by a 7-minute uphill jog. (Cumulative Total: 745)

Tuesday, January 31: Eighteen minutes of cardio was followed by a chest, shoulders, traps, and triceps workout. And thus, my work here is done.


Total Cardio Sessions (Goal >19): 20 (Success!)

Total Treadmill Minutes (Goal: >750): 763 (Success!)

Days Without Exercise (Goal: <10): 11 (Failure!)

This was my first time to set the above goals for myself. I wish I had started doing that ages ago as it really helped me to increase my cardio training and overall to keep track of days exercised and days missed.