March 2017 Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, March 1: March began with a bang with 81 treadmill minutes, core, calves, forearms, another 28 treadmill minutes, and a little more weights. (Cumulative Total: 109)

Thursday, March 2: At the gym by 7:30 am! Just biceps, traps, and calves to begin the session. Twenty-0ne treadmill minutes followed, and they ended with a sprint. A short but intense lats and back workout ended the session. (Cumulative Total: 131)

Friday, March 3: An early morning treadmill session added 63 minutes to this month’s already impressive total. I also ended with something akin to a sprint. (Cumulative Total: 194)

Saturday, March 4: I began by adding another 45 minutes to this month’s treadmill tally. The weights: chest, shoulders, triceps, light traps, sides, abs, and calves. Next, 20 more treadmill minutes which ended in a sprint, and I finished the day’s exercise with lower back, calves, and sides.  (Cumulative Total: 259)

Sunday, March 5: A well-deserved day off.

Monday, March 6: I began with 48.5 treadmill minutes and only took a break after accidentally placing my phone on the big red “stop” button. Then another 34.5 after a short break. (Cumulative Total: 342)

Tuesday, March 7: I began with weights: lats, back, biceps, calves, sides, and abs. I then added 34 treadmill minutes to my tally. Then forearms and lower back as well as additional sets working my biceps, sides, and calves. (Cumulative Total: 376)

Wednesday, March 8: A rare late night workout began at 9:44 pm with thighs, calves, hamstrings, traps, and a little abs. A 21-minute treadmill session that ended with a sprint ended today’s gym session. (Cumulative Total: 397)

Thursday, March 9: Another late-night workout. Just weights tonight as I decided to give my tired treadmill legs a break, and I’m sick of those treadmills! My solid 45-minute workout consisted of exercises for my chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, lower back, trap, and calves.

Friday, March 10: A lighter 32-minute treadmill session was today’s only exercise. Once again, I accidentally bumped the emergency stop button. (Cumulative Total: 429)

Saturday, March 11: Tonight’s session began with 32 treadmill minutes that again ended with something of a sprint. Weights followed: lats, back, biceps, traps, lower back, and a little sides. (Cumulative Total: 461)

Sunday, March 12: I actually did some calf raises at home, but it was nice to have a day off from the gym, and it’s a day off I felt I earned. 

Monday, March 13: An unexpected dinner invitation nixed my planned evening workout.

Tuesday, March 14: I felt unusually tired after work, so I went home and napped instead of exercising. On the bright side, that was a great nap.

Wednesday, March 15: Back to work with a 46-minute treadmill session that involved a little more jogging/running at the end. Also, I set myself a short-term goal of 120 treadmill minutes by this Saturday. (Cumulative Total: 507)

Thursday, March 16: I began with 21 treadmill minutes, then weights: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and calves. I ended with nine more treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 537)

Friday, March 17: Thirty-two treadmill minutes that ended in a sprint was followed by a core, calves, and forearms workout.  (Cumulative Total: 569)

Saturday, March 18: An early morning workout due to a busy day ahead: 35 treadmill minutes followed by a short, sharp weights session: lats, back, biceps, thighs, and hamstrings. (Cumulative Total: 604)

Sunday, March 19: Well-deserved rest day. Back to work tomorrow…

Monday, March 20: Sixty-seven treadmill minutes to begin the week. (Cumulative Total: 671)

Tuesday, March 21: A late night weights session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and lower back.

Wednesday, March 22: A couple of oblique sets while waiting for a treadmill to become available. Once on, I added 36 minutes to this month’s total. I finished with obliques (again), abs, sides, lower back, and forearms.  (Cumulative Total: 707)

Thursday, March 23: I almost missed tonight’s workout due to a pretty amazing power nap, but I dragged myself out of bed and began exercising at 10:45 pm. I began with 24 treadmill minutes and then continued with thighs, hamstrings, calves, and traps. (Cumulative Total: 731)

Friday, March 24: Another night session: back, lats, traps, biceps, and 32 treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 763)

Saturday, March 25: Thirty-three treadmill minutes, chest, shoulders, triceps, another 33 treadmill minutes, lower back, and calves. Tomorrow’s day off is deserved. (Cumulative Total: 829)

Sunday, March 26: I’m enjoying my Sundays more now that I can enjoy without guilt a day off from the gym. I just have to make sure I earn that day off. This coming week is shaping up to be uniquely busy, but I’m still aiming for six days straight and a lot of treadmill minutes…

Monday, March 27: Back to work with 46 treadmill minutes, core, another 18 treadmill minutes, and then more core work. (Cumulative Total: 893)

Tuesday, March 28: Thirty-eight treadmill minutes followed by weights: lats, back, traps, and biceps. (Cumulative Total: 931)

Wednesday, March 29: I added 71 treadmill minutes were added to my tally! (Cumulative Total: 1,002!)

Thursday, March 30: A rare early pre-breakfast workout. Just weights: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, thighs, hamstrings, lower back, and calves.

Friday, March 31: I ended this historic month with weights (back, lats, biceps, and sides) and a light 23-minute treadmill session. (Cumulative Total: 1,025)


Total Cardio Sessions (Goal >21): 22 (Success!)

Total Treadmill Minutes (Goal: >910): 1,025 (Success!)

Days Without Exercise (Goal: <7): (Success!)

Weekly Cardio Minutes: 376, 85, 210, and 26o.