April 2017 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, April 1: April began in fine fashion with a record-breaking 116 treadmill minutes split over two sessions separated by a shower and half a protein bar. (Cumulative Total: 116)

Sunday, April 2: My first home workout in years consisted of push-ups, shoulders, and calves. 

Monday, April 3: Sixty-one cardio minutes followed by weights: traps, triceps, sides, and lower back. (Cumulative Total: 177)

Tuesday, April 4: Late night weights session: lats, back, biceps, a little abs, thighs, and hamstrings.

Wednesday, April 5: Seventy-one treadmill minutes listening to Steve Vai because he’s coming to town. (Cumulative Total: 248)

Thursday, April 6: Weights (chest, shoulders, traps, and triceps) ahead of a shorter 22-minute treadmill session. (Cumulative Total: 270)

Friday, April 7: Tonight was the closest I’ve come to not exercising in a while. A powerful power nap in the evening left me tempted to remain in bed till the morning, but I dragged myself to the gym and began exercising at 10:45 pm. I added 25 treadmill minutes to my total before moving to the weights area for sides, abs, lower back, and traps. Not bad for a workout that almost didn’t happen. (Cumulative Total: 295)

Saturday, April 8: I began today’s workout with weights: thighs, hamstrings, lats, back, biceps, and forearms. I then hopped on my favorite treadmill for 24 sweaty minutes. (Cumulative Total: 319)

Sunday, April 9: Yesterday marked 13 straight days of exercise, so except for a few sets of calf raises at home, I’m happily and guiltlessly taking the day off although standing for 3.5 hours for Generation Axe could be considered a workout.

Monday, April 10: Back to work with 62 treadmill minutes in the evening. (Cumulative Total: 381)

Tuesday, April 11: Chest, shoulders, traps, and 57 treadmill minutes. That was pretty intense. (Cumulative Total: 438)

Wednesday, April 12: Light weights: sides, abs, lower back, triceps, and calves before a 47-minute treadmill session. This month’s target of 1,150 treadmill minutes is really pushing me! (Cumulative Total: 485)

Thursday, April 13: No gym due to a long dinner and a beer, but the conversation was worth it. 

Friday, April 14: Back to work with 102 treadmill minutes over two sessions separated by a shower and half an apple. The music of John Williams helped to pass the time, in particular his scores for Lincoln and ET. This month’s target of 1,150 treadmill minutes is really pushing me! (Cumulative Total: 587)

Saturday, April 15: I began today’s workout with weights: lats, back, biceps, and calves. I then added another 42 minutes to this month’s treadmill tally. I ended with a little more calf work. Steve Vai kept me company musically for those treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 629)

Sunday, April 16:  Today was a guilt-free lazy day. 

Monday, April 17: Back to work with 50 treadmill minutes over two sessions separated by some weights: triceps, traps, sides, and calves. Today’s treadmill music was selections from Murray Gold’s Doctor Who scores.  (Cumulative Total: 679)

Tuesday, April 18: Forty-four treadmill minutes, again to the music of Murray Gold, and then some weights: thighs, hamstrings, calves, and lower back. (Cumulative Total: 723)

Wednesday, April 19: Fifty-one treadmill minutes after band practice, again to the Whovian music of Murray Gold.  (Cumulative Total: 774)

Thursday, April 20: Today’s workout: 35 treadmill minutes, chest, shoulders, triceps, and 19 more treadmill minutes. John Williams The Force Awakens score kept me company on the treadmill. It’s been a while since I listened to that. (Cumulative Total: 828)

Friday, April 21: Eighty-two treadmill minutes over three sessions with some abs, sides, and lower back work (and a change of shirt) between the second and third sessions. John Williams’ Revenge of the Sith score helped pass the time. (Cumulative Total: 910)

Saturday, April 22: More treadmill adventures today again to Williams latest Star Wars score, The Force Awakens. Today’s workout consisted of two treadmill sessions totaling 65 minutes. They were separated by some weights: lats, back, and biceps. I’ve officially earned a day off tomorrow. Nice, but do I have the beginnings of a sore throat? (Cumulative Total: 975)

Sunday, April 23: Total rest day. Venture no further than 100 meters from home. Sore throat lessened throughout the day, so I am thinking of an early morning workout. Perhaps a light one if I’m still not feeling 100%.

Monday, April 24: Seems like yesterday’s day of rest with plenty of fluids did the trick. I felt almost back to normal, so I went to the gym in the morning and added another 64 treadmill minutes to my total. I’m now cruising towards this month’s goal of 1,150 minutes. Later, for the first time in living memory, I returned to the gym for a second workout: thighs, hamstrings, calves, sides, abs, lower back, and another 25 treadmill minutes. (Cumulative Total: 1,064)

Tuesday, April 25: I still feel like a cold is coming on, but I went to the gym first thing in the morning anyway for a circuit workout: traps, chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, calves, lower back and forearms. I ended with 25 treadmill minutes listening to Howard Shore’s Return of the King score. (Cumulative Total: 1,089)

Wednesday, April 26: I still have a lingering cold, or rather, the beginnings of a cold that keeps threatening to hit. The timing is nice as I’m now cruising to reach this month’s goal of 1,150 treadmill minutes. I’m easing back a bit as a result. Today’s workout consisted of some weights: back, lats, biceps, plus some abs, lower back, and calves sets. I finished with 34 treadmill minutes to the climactic music from Return of the King. (Cumulative Total: 1,123)

Thursday, April 27: I considered a late night workout, but an evening nap and this lingering cold convinced me otherwise.

Friday, April 28: I felt better today, so it was back to work. A decent legs workout, one set of lower back extensions, and then 28 treadmill minutes which saw me meet and exceed by one this month’s target of 1,150 treadmill minutes! (Cumulative Total: 1,151)

Saturday, April 29: This cold is still hanging around, but I made it to the gym for the last time this month: chest, shoulders, traps, triceps, sides, abs, lower back, forearms, and a 26-minute treadmill session. (Cumulative Total: 1,177)

Sunday, April 30: That’s enough of that.


Total Cardio Sessions (Goal >21): 22 (Success!)

Total Treadmill Minutes (Goal: >1,150): 1,177 (Success!)

Days Without Exercise (Goal: <7): 6 (Success!)

Weekly Cardio Minutes: 295, 292, 323, and 241.